All About the Full Moon In Aries September 30 2020

Shiva Rose is helping more of us tap in to the cycles and meaning of the moon. This week’s full moon is full of passion and energy and we’re unpacking it with Shiva below. Tap in further to the cycles of the moon with Shiva’s insightful, The Moon and I.

This full harvest moon in Aries is quite a powerful way to illuminate what is underneath your consciousness. Full moons are a time to see what there is to see, and then release it along with the moon’s phases.

This harvest Full Moon is auspicious since it is also a rare Blue Moon, as this month will be bookended by two Full Moons, with the other occurring on Halloween, October 31. That means that this full moon is a precursor to the blue moon on Halloween. They are book ends energetically.

The full moon accentuates everything that you’ve been working on during the waxing phase. Take time to reflect on what the full moon brings up for you. Most of us are ‘deficient’ in moon light — the truth is that the light of the moon can naturally enhance our hormones and intuition. Get outside tonight and let the light of the moon shine on you. Let her light nourish your soul.

To Consider: The world may seem so volatile at the moment.
Aries fire can feel like it’s igniting that. However, ‘Fire’
can also be passion. What are you passionate about right now?

The moon can affect the tides of the ocean — and since our bodies are at times made of 70 % water — the moon can greatly influence our personal ‘tides’ as well. We also now know, through biodynamic farming literature, that the moon affects the actual fluid. Think of the moon’s shifts in its journey as your own compass — an inner compass that you can use to harness greater power as you too shift through the seasons.

The moon is always showing us the power of transformation and proving that nothing is forever.

Moods shift, lives shift, goals shift…this is part of being fluid and in the flow of a natural rhythm, in essence, being in harmony with one’s true self.

We are realizing more and more through scientific data that artificial light in our daily lifestyles and lack of real sunlight and moonlight can contribute to modern diseases. Plants and animals are able to recognize the circadian rythms naturally. We too need to tap back into that natural ability. With all the artificial lights we are bombarded with, including our computers and phones, our rhythms are beginning to wobble off kilter.

The moon reflects the sunlight — interesting in relation to the polarity between masculine and feminine. Our modern societies are totally depleted of natural moonlight. Our pineal gland, where our human growth hormones are made and also where melatonin is created, actually needs the ultraviolet light of the moon to thrive.

There is power in harnessing the moon’s energies.The moon can help you along your path towards your tru goals, whether a relationship, shift in careers, health and more. The moon has 8 phases, and when we connect to them we have a better understanding of our own moods and rhythms within them.

Access Shiva Rose’s The Moon And I Course:
“I am so grateful and honored to bring this course to you. I hope you will take a look at The Moon and I for ultimately it’s a a tool to help us all harness the beauty, magic, and power of la Luna’s wisdom. As she ebbs and flows, so do we. As she retreats into darkness then builds towards her fullness, so do we. As she honors intuition and fertility, so do we. As she yearns for a balanced state with the sea, sun and earth, so do we.”

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