Better Body: Get And Stay Toned

Hi again, Chalkboardians! I’m so excited about this post that I can hardly type it quickly enough – because it really works!

TONE. Yes, we want it!  Why? Because it’s better than skinny, better than size & even better than your genetics! Tone is achievable to anyone who has legs and arms – and even some of those who DON’T.

Okay, let’s be honest with ourselves. Mostly, this is all going to be about you and me and the decisions we make. How toned and lovely we want to look when we’re 85 is mostly going to be up to what we do NOW. So as I sit here (not the best thing for a toned tush!), allow me to inspire us both! We can be toned, we can be be healthy and we can be mostly cellulite-free over 35… and ever after! We can! Let’s believe it, think it, say it and live it!

Here’s how it works:

1. WHAT GOES INSIDE, STAYS INSIDE! Every bite you take turns into YOU! Believe it; say it until the thought of processed, unnatural foods make you cringe. On the other hand, treat yourself to a trip to your local Farmers’ Market and check out the gorgeous array of colour, taste and freshness nature provides. Choose to fill your body with natural foods that contain super gorgeous, super toning vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This is really the big one. That’s why I’ve written it first. These wonder nutrients, fresh from nature’s pantry, keep you toned better than any ol’ firming cream! That’s how an apple (or a bean) keeps itself firm; it contains happy little firming agents within!!! Okay, you get it.

2. MOVEMENT. It enables the body to utilize those gorgeous nutrients efficiently and discard of any excess calories as well as toxins (yucky yuk yuk, very important). It also activates your muscles keep you fit,  even when sitting! Oh yes, we love that. This point is perhaps the most obvious one. I went to an intense pump class once (never again) and saw an 80+ year-old woman who was incredibly toned. She was amazing. WE NEED TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT! I like surfing, personally. Exercise makes us feels so good and is totally vital for a toned body.

3. TOXINS. I know, I touched on them above, but they’re just so evil. They sneakily undermine all the other good stuff we do and they hide their ugly little selves, often in a garb of cellulite, saggy bits or fat. GOOD NEWS! Once they go (the toxins – you know, heavy metals, waste buildup, pesticides, food additives, etc), the body disposes of their unnecessary clothing, too! The body is very wise. I like to plan a detox seasonally to reap the benefits of cleansing out these villainous poisons from my system. In between cleansing times of the year, I believe in drinking lots and lots of water daily, green drinks, eating fresh alkalizing foods. This works wonders to prevent the nasties from re-lodging within.

4. HYDROTHERAPY!! This is possibly my favourite for staying toned, as you don’t really have to exert any effort! Easy as one, two, three. There are so many hydro treatments available, but many of them cost quite a sum at the day spa. What you can do easily yourself at home once a week (if not daily) is take a cold shower. AMAZING. This is one of my ‘model-tip’ beauty secrets & I live by it even through Winter. Excellent after exercise. You can also alternate three rounds in the shower with 3 minutes hot, 30 seconds cold. Woo! I feel good just thinking about it! Tingles all over!

5. EXFOLIATION & ESSENTIAL OILS. A simple exfoliation: Sea salt + Epsom salts in equal quantities + essential oils of your choice. Try clary sage, cypress, fennel, peppermint, grapefruit, orange, lemon, mandarin and cayenne. Using before your final blast of cold in the shower is perfect.

6. LOVE YOUR BODY. I know it may be sounding a bit cliché, but it actually works.  Let’s inhale and exhale now. Mmm. Think love towards the abdomen, the upper arms, legs, thighs. Think love towards the chest, the feet and hands. Think love towards the buttocks (they serve us well!) and all of the body. Think LOVE. You are beautiful! You are special, just the way you are right now. Now go forward, making all the wisest and most loving choices you can to promote your gorgeous self, in being the very best you can be.


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