Superfood lattes have been a part of our morning repertoire for what feels like forever.

What’s a superfood latte you ask? It’s our editor-in-chief’s way of stuffing as much nutrition as humanly possible into one cup of warm, foamy, caffeinated bliss.

Technically, any superfood added to a caffeinated cup of almond or coconut milk counts as a superfood latte. But the goal with these warm bevs is to fit as many of the things you’d normally supplement with into your morning brew everyday.

We’ve loved watching as superfood lattes have been popping up on the menus of buzzy cafes everywhere — but the best way to make a superfood latte is to create your own with custom benefits that suit your mood.

When it comes to functional ingredients, you can catch our EIC’s Instagram stories for daily inspo – everything from colostrum to tocos to protein powder make the mix. But the straightest line from boring non-functional latte to hello-2019-I’m-drinking-a-superfood latte are the mushroom latte mixes from Four Sigmatic.

When it comes to daily adaptogens and superfoods, mushrooms are where it’s at – and their roasty flavors blend oh-so-easily into coffees and lattes. We’re sharing our favorite hack to simplify the superfood latte down to a quick and simple science with the three recipes below. Stash a sugar packet-sized mushroom-powered drink mix in every compartment of your day bag, car, and travel tote to upgrade the simplest pleasure you have each morning into a highly healthful moment for both body and mind.

The lattes featured here are cozied up in Gjusta Goods ceramics and Danish Studio Arhoj magic. If you’re looking for a little latte inspiration, discover a few of our favorite concoctions with these easy recipes…

the Coconut Matcha Latte

1 packet Mushroom Matcha Mix with Maitake
8 oz hot, not boiling, water
1 tsp coconut butter
splash of coconut milk

Blend the matcha mix and coconut butter into the hot liquid using a spoon, frother or blender. Top with a splash of coconut milk. Serve warm.

Matcha for Energy | Coconut for Metabolism | Miatake for Immunity

The Mushroom Mocha

1 packet Mushroom Hot Cocoa Mix with Reishi
1 shot espresso
6 oz steamed almond, hemp, or coconut milk

Blend the mushroom hot cocoa mix into the hot liquid using a spoon, frother or blender. Serve warm.

Hemp for Heart Health | Reishi for Immunity

The Brainiac Latte

1 packet Mushroom Coffee Mix (with Lion’s Mane + Chaga)
1 shot espresso + 8 oz hot water
1 tsp MCT Oil
splash coconut milk

Blend the mushroom coffee mix and MCT oil into the hot liquid using a spoon, frother or blender. Serve warm

Lion’s Mane + Chaga for Brain Health | MCT for Metabolism

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