Fossilized animal head bones in a pile of dirt

What you need to know: Dragon bone, also known as long gu, is a tonic herb from traditional Chinese medicine. It is made from the fossilized bones of prehistoric animals such as mastodon, hairy rhinoceros, hipparion, deer and oxen. The bones are cooked and ground into a powder, which are then combined with complimentary herbs such as bupleurum, eucommia bark and licorice root to create a supplement. Dragon bone is utilized for its rich mineral content, which includes calcium, potassium, sodium and trace elements. These minerals help support structural tissues such as teeth and bones, and promote an alkaline pH in the body. They also help to remedy conditions affected by mineral deficiencies such as heart palpitations, restless leg syndrome and headaches.

Why you should try it: Dragon bone is mainly used for its ability to calm the spirit (shen), relaxing the nerves. It does this by opening up the heart and liver meridians, stabilizing mood. It can be used as a mild sedative to reduce stress, anxiety, irritability and acute anger and can be helpful in cases of insomnia, tension and manic behavior. It has also proven effective for addictive/compulsive behavior, easing symptoms of withdrawal, and improving willpower when paired with the herb bupleurum.

Let’s get together: Dragon bone is best taken in combination with other herbs in order to balance and increase its effectiveness in the body. The most famous herbal formulations of dragon bone traditionally include bupleurum root, oyster shell, and poria sclerotium. This formulation can be found in the supplement Bupleurum & Dragon Bone by Dragon Herbs. In our experience, taking this formula daily helps manage stress and maintain balance and focus, despite any challenges that may lie ahead.

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