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We’ve featured ‘hormone whisperer’ Alisa Vitti many times over the years and have learned so much from her. Recently, Alisa shared a list of foods to eat on your period and we asked her to share more (below).

Vitti’s app, MyFLO helps you track each phase of the cycle, resolve PMS and other symptoms naturally and tells you not just what to eat when you’re bleeding, but what foods optimize each of the 4 phases of the cycle, along with the workouts that are right for each phase.

We don’t often think about how to nourish our bodies when we’re menstruating and instead fall prey to cravings and binges. For many, appetite actually lessens during menstruation and cravings can subside.

Your period should be a time fo supercharged self-care and so much love for your body! Menstrual care is not just isolated to tampons and pads. It’s important to think more broadly and holistically about supporting your health and hormones.

7 Foods To Eat On Your Period

Seaweed – also rich in iron, seaweed of all kinds are a great choice during your period. Warming foods are best at this time of the cycle, so use seaweed to create a rich broth or soup. Your body is not in the hormonal place to process raw, cold foods during your period, so seek out warmth and rich nourishment. Try these seaweed sprinkles or these kelp burgers

nori wraps recipeGet the Nori Wraps recipe

Bone broth – bone broth is soothing, relaxing, and can help with sleep. Have a big cup in the evening before bed when you’re on your period. Bone broth is packed full of amino acids and can help a lot with bloating and digestive discomfort. If you experience constipation/diarrhea during your cycle, avoid eating too many raw veggies & fibrous foods. Make this recipe for Erewhon’s lemongrass bone broth

Sardines – high in omega-3s, this good fat is essential for mood stabilization during your period. Omega-3s are also fantastic for combatting period cramps. Sardines, mixed with tahini, on gluten-free bread or crackers makes a great, filling snack. Learn more about sardines and shop a wild-caught brand of them here

Royal Jelly – rich in amino acids & a vital building block for hormones, royal jelly can support you during the time in your cycle when your hormones are at their lowest. Many essential amino acids are also in a whole egg, yolk and all. You can add royal jelly to an afternoon smoothie for a pick-me-up. Try this royal jelly-infused honey

Nettle tea – nettles are a powerhouse herb – they build iron, they are full of minerals like calcium, they are tonifying to the uterus and can make your bleed more efficient, and most of all they can lessen cramps. It moves the needle so much, we put them into our Cycle Syncing Supplement Kit – the first supplement solution with a special formulation for each phase of your cycle and its particular needs. We like this tea. 

Animal proteins – especially red meat and liver – they not only help boost your minerals and iron, but also provide you with the fat and amino acids needed to make more hormones as you begin the new cycle. Try this steak salad

steak salad

Liquid chlorophyll – chlorophyll works to raise your iron levels as you’re losing blood. Also reach for spinach, lentils, and grass-fed beef. Liquid chlorophyll is a simple addition and packs a powerful iron punch. If you experience clots, heavy bleeds, or fatigue during your period this is especially important. These chlorophyll drops are great

Learn more about nutrition for your cycle with nutritionist Kristin Dahl here.

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