I had a bright idea one day. I wanted to rebound for twenty minutes and I didn’t want to wait to finish mytrail mix before I started. Sooo I decided to just do both at the same time. Needless to say, the trail mix went everywhere but my mouth. I mean besides the fact that I had to vacuum afterwards, rebounding while eating is kinda fun!

I had so much fun trying something new on the rebounder that the following day I decided to ditch the food and go for a really intense work out. I first started by making the heels of my feet touch my hind parts. In addition to that I was trying to touch the ceiling with my head, so I was jumping really high. Once I got this combination down I was feeling pretty good and having fun. I then thought that I wasn’t putting enough energy in my abs so I began squeezing my stomach. Well, I lost my balance and almost fell through the window L Our rebounder is in front of a window and I put my hands behind me to catch myself. My hand ended up pushing the screen out. The screen came off and I tried so hard to put it back on but I couldn’t. So, I just got back on the rebounder and finished my twenty minutes.

Lesson learned: JUST JUMP! No eating. No tricks. Just jump.


p.s. a rebounder is basically like a mini trampoline


p.s.s. you can eat and jump if you’re on time crunch, but beware of choking!


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