One thing that I am learning constantly through this diet/preliminary lifestyle shift is that you have to listen to yourself. Through the film I am learning that does not just pertain to your body with it’s intense need for fuits and vegatables, but also listening to your gut. Listen to the spirit within you that tells you what direction to take in your life. Some of us learn to ignore it as we “become adults” and “think responsibly,” but I say that if you can, throw caution to the wind and LIVE YOUR LIFE with abundant fervor!

Yesterday, I got some very great and shocking news. Sorry to be cryptic but I have to be. The main thing is I asked for a sign and God gave me one.


Sometimes freedom means taking the scary road, the one that doesn’t have back-up plans and sure things. Sometimes it’s like winning a chocolate bunny you can’t eat.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next but I’m excited and nervous and scared out of my mind.

Gone with the wind,


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