FIVE GIRLS RAW: It’s keen to be green

I don’t think I should be allowed to juice by myself or unsupervised. I had to juice the other day for the entire apartment and I dirtied the entire kitchen. There were vegetable bits and juice everywhere. It took forever and I was so tired by the end of it that I paid Adriann to clean it for me. Honestly, I don’t even like homemade juice, it’s disgusting and pulpy and messy and I hate dishes. I prefer the days when I get my Pressed juices. That being said I had a discovery

It takes a lot of Kale to make juice.  A LOT. Then there’s all this extra stuff left over. Kale is supposed to be a super food and my intense desire to be a super hero leads me to think that I don’t like wasting all that super stuff. This led me to put it into a smoothie. I had already had spinach in one before so I closed my eyes and took a leap of faith.

It’s pretty good. Here’s how I made it.

  1. Soak some almonds in just a tiny bit of coconut milk or coconut water for 30+ minutes.
  2. Loosely fill the Magic Bullet cup with Kale and blend so everything is wonderfully chopped and liquefied.
  3. Add in your bananas, strawberries and blueberries. I like to freeze mine, but you don’t have to. Blend these wonderful ingredients together and voila! You have a SUPER SMOOTHIE!!!

One thing that this whole raw-vegan thing has done, is make me more creative with food. It’s really exciting to combine all the tastes and invent new dishes. Sometimes…

To infinity and beyond!!!



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