Firm Body Evolution LA

Whether you’re doing a juice fast or simply eating cleaner, Firm Body Evolution in West Hollywood might have just what you’re looking for. FBE blends a holistic health spa with a gym experience. One can start their visit with a personal training session on one of their state of the art Vibration Plate machines. These machines allow for a variety of movements, including pushups, squats or just to stand on. The benefit lies in the vibrational movement of the machines, as they increase the quality of the exercise and assist in stimulating the lymph system. The lymph system allows all the waste in the body to flow. Even a full day of exercise might not stimulate the lymph enough.

To further the healing experience, step into the infrared jade chambers for 30 minutes. Infrared light is known to eliminate toxins, heal the skin and burn calories. From the dim lighting to the calm music and aromatherapy, who knew detoxing could be so relaxing? Rehydrate yourself with some of their complimentary alkaline water that hydrates you on a cellular level.

Have a hankering for a state of the art massage? FBE has you covered with their Pneumatic Compression Massage. The client slips into a high tech body glove that massages you as if there were eight hands working on you simultaneously. The benefits of this machine are endless, from detoxification and lymphatic drainage to fighting fibromyalgia and improving the appearance of cellulite.

If you choose spend a day at FBE or just slip in for a session or two, you will leave feeling refreshed and new. Firm Body Evolution is located just above Pressed Juicery in West Hollywood on 8704 Santa Monica Blvd. Check out their site for a full spectrum of services fbespa.com.


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