Over the last month, Lauren Bush Lauren and the FEED Project team have thrown dozens of dinner parties from coast-to-coast. In the most delicious fund-raising plan we’ve encountered lately, Lauren and team have raised over 2 million meals for those in need through dinners of every shape and size, from large L.A. gatherings to small family suppers.

The FEED Supper premise is simple: throw a dinner so that someone else can enjoy one too. Every FEED Supper guest is invited to make a donation to provide a meal for someone in need. Gauged by the success of suppers like this one, hosted by Joy Cho of Oh Joy! and our friends at Heirloom LA, this year’s suppers were a huge hit. Lauren Bush Lauren had this to say about the family-focused gatherings specifically, “It’s been so great to see families hosting FEED Suppers for their little ones, who in fact, can make a very big difference. It’s never to early to start instilling mindfulness, so we are thrilled that FEED Supper has become a teachable moment tool for parents and an opportunity for families to share in the joy of gratitude and giving.”

We’re sharing this fun and impressive recipe from the Oh Joy! supper for two reasons. One, the snaps of Joy’s adorable daughter, Ruby making rainbow-colored pasta just can’t be beat and, two, we couldn’t resist the idea of getting our hands on Heirloom’s simple, but gorgeous pasta recipe!

Making fresh, ricotta-filled pasta at home with children may seem ambitious, but it’s an idea we love for the upcoming holidays. It takes a little time and attention, but not nearly as much as one might expect. We can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon at home this fall.

To make these vibrant pasta colors, Heirloom added a touch of spinach, beets or tomato paste to each of the batches. For a festive red pasta, just add one teaspoon of tomato paste to the yolks in the recipe and whisk briskly. Remember, the better the eggs, the brighter the yolks–one reason Heirloom’s pasta is so brightly colored is that they use eggs from locally-raised chickens that range free and feed on worms, bugs, produce and some grain, which makes their yolks very vibrant.

Learn how to make a gorgeous crostini station from Heirloom too. Check out our feature on making one of the gorgeous boards in the photos above here. Bookmark these gorgeous recipes for future holiday gatherings!

How To Make Fresh Pasta


12 organic egg yolks
1 lb “00” caputo flour
1 pinch kosher salt
1 Tbsp olive oil


Separate eggs and reserve whites for another use.

In a bowl, make a well of flour, adding yolks and salt to the middle.

Using your hand as a mixer, begin rotating your fingers clockwise and allow the flour to work itself into the yolks. Then rotate your fingers in the opposite direction. A ball will begin to form. Stop and clean your hands with flour, this helps to remove the yolks.

On a floured surface begin to knead the dough until the ball is free of all lumps and dried flour. At first it will be shaggy, but as you work it, pressing and folding and giving it a deep-tissue massage (that’s right!), the pasta dough will stop sticking to your fingers. At this point it should be moist to the touch but not tacky. If your dough does not feel moist, then add a little bit of the whites and work it in. Add just a little because you can always add more if necessary.

Allow the pasta to rest under a damp cloth for 5 – 10 minutes.

Once it has rested, divide dough into four pieces, taking one of those pieces and flattening it while returning the other three back under the damp cloth so they don’t dry out. It is really important for the dough to stay moist.

Get out your rolling pin and some elbow grease and prepare to beat up some dough! Keep flour nearby for dusting.

Fold pasta into thirds, like a letter, and roll again to knead the pasta further until pasta is smooth. Now fold it in half and roll it. Ultimately, you want the pasta to be as thin as possible but still opaque or it will be too delicate when it gets boiled.

As you finish sheets, place them under a damp towel while you roll out remaining pieces or they will dry.

Cut the pasta sheets however you like!

Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil and salt it like sea water. Also add a tablespoon of olive oil, which prevents the water from boiling over. You won’t be cooking this fresh pasta for long, only a couple minutes. Then stop the cooking by placing the pasta in ice water.

Recipe courtesy of Heirloom LA

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