Our Favorite Beauty Supplements For A Glow Like Whoa

Beauty tonic or bust. Nothing gets us feeling pretty faster than sipping on a skin-perfecting potion to start the day.

We could dish on beauty tonic recipes all day long, but the truth is we only need a few key ingredients to get the job done. A while ago, we caught a glimpse inside glowy author and holistic health coach, Summer Sanders‘ supplement stash and were amazed. We asked her to share her personal favorites for supplements with glow-power and these were her top picks…

I like to support the natural aging process by taking supplements I know will assist my body in aging gracefully. I don’t fear growing older, I welcome it, but I do want to make sure the process is as smooth as possible. These are my favorite beautifying supplements:

4  Supplements For Beauty + Anti-Aging

Anti-Age by bulletproof

This supplement tricks the body into thinking it’s doing a fast, which is amazing because you get the benefits of fasting without really having to fast. Studies have shown that fasting is one of the best things for anti-aging and long-term health. CHECK OUT

Pine Pollen

I love this for its hormone-balancing properties. Women often stay away from anything connected to testosterone, but studies have been showing that testosterone is actually good for women’s hormones as we age. It keeps our sex drive up and our bodies firm. I use Sun Potion and love it! CHECK OUT


I use it for the incredible effects on skin, brain and for gut health. The brand I love is Mattole Valley. I love them because they respect nature as much as possible – they let the calf have the first eight hours with the mother before taking any milk. They also use incredibly well-sourced ingredients from small family farms. This means a lot to me as a consumer. CHECK OUT

Beauty Dust

Who can deny Amanda Bacon’s gorgeous glow? I think much of this comes from within because she is just a deep-rooted beauty kind of a person, but her Beauty Dust can’t hurt. This blend is really wonderful because it incorporates many of the herbs I use – including my two favorites, schisandra and pearl – into one easy-to-use powder. CHECK OUT

Explore Summer’s picks for immunity and energy supplements as well!

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