fathers day gift guide picks 2021

Father’s Day is coming and, once again, your dad needs absolutely “nothing”. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your husband “from the children” or are throwing the old man a BBQ, here are a few great gift ideas that he might just love…

The North Face Accessories | This timeless outdoor brand says ‘modern dad’, whether young or old. Sure, pieces from The North Face’s recent collab with Gucci are still available, but our hunch is that this day pack and beanie are more your pops’ speed. SHOP 

Laird Superfood Daily Ritual Kit | Just a few short years ago, surf god, Laird Hamilton joined the superfood space and it hasn’t been the same since. Get your dad hooked on these nourishing alternatives to all his daily basics — and try some of the turmeric creamer for yourself. SHOP

Susanne Kaufmann Men’s Skincare | Susanne Kaufmann is a clean-luxe skincare brand with a line just for men. We love the look, love the sustainability of it, and her moisturizing gel just can’t be beat for the low-maintenance man who still wants his skin calm and clear. SHOP 

toast emerald pre-rolls | An unexpected gift for the fun dad — or the father who does it all and just needs to take a load-off. These smokable CBD pre-rolls are packed with “full flower hemp”. 100mg of CBD, plus CBG, CBC, and other cannabinoids, for a healthy, relaxing — and truly unique — experience! SHOP 

Pact Essential Vintage Hoodie | We love all of Pact’s basic menswear made with organic cotton. Consider this your new go-to for men’s basics like Ts, underwear, socks and great, soft hoodies like this one. The perfect gift for the low-key dad who ‘doesn’t need a thing’. SHOP

pRana Riveter Boardshort | For the dad who lives in the pool or at the beach.  prAna’s basic gear is made from  92% recycled polyester — save the ocean while you surf it. SHOP

Fellow Stagg Matte Kettle | For the dad who is a coffee snob. Help your father take his coffee game to the next level with a kettle like Fellow’s which achieves precise temperatures for pour-over and French press. SHOP 

Essential Ottolenghi Collection | If your foodie dad hasn’t yet obsessed over Ottolenghi, get him started now. If he’s already a fan, he’ll love this cool collection of a few of the acclaimed chef’s top cookbooks. SHOP 

Anthony Bourdain World Travel | I mean, this book is either for your dad or not — you’ll know. A great little gem for the father who couldn’t get enough of Bourdain’s unique take on travel lust. SHOP 

California Cowboy El Garibaldi Robe | Fun, comfortable and slightly irreverent, California Cowboy’s terry cloth-lined robes are for that dad who shares the brand’s goal: to recover “the lost art of vintage poolside luxury”. Robes have a dry pocket for tech, back pocket big enough for a bottle of wine or champagne, and come in fun prints like this giant snowcat motif. SHOP 

Hight Water Shirt | Another California Cowboy pick, these terry-lined shirts are perfect for post-surf, post-workout — or just pre-BBQ. The vintage prints scream ‘Dad’s Day’ and probably deserve a solid place in your dad’s summer rotation. SHOP 

GoPro Hero 7 with Adventure Kit Essential Bundle | For the outdoorsy or adventurous type, there’s no better gift than a GoPro, but the key to getting the most exciting shots are in the mounts and accessories. This bundle has it all with clips, frames, mounts, handgrip and headstrap. SHOP 

Boundless by Ben Greenfield | Popular men’s health podcaster, Ben Greenfield is all about exploring the limits of human cognition, mental clarity, and IQ through health and wellness. A fascinating exploration of diet and exercise through the lens of “total human optimization”.  SHOP 

Super Human by Dave Asprey | Whether your dad is just dabbling in wellness for the first time or has made full-time hobby out of it, he’ll likely enjoy Bulletproof founder, Dave Asprey’s Super Human, full of incredible insights about optimizing health based on cutting edge science and the latest in ‘bio-hacking.’ SHOP

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