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We’ve been more than happy to see the wellness world get a little deeper lately, dealing with the mind and emotions right along side the metabolism and immune system.

We’ve been calling this out for the last couple of years as we notice just how many of you vibe with us on our self-care, emotional and mental care stories! To kick off 2017, we shared this piece calling readers to make “gentle, self-loving” plans for a year we all knew would be a bit bumpy.

In Classpass’ recent end of year report gathering data from users across the country, they note the fastest growing fitness trend in 2017 as “meditation, restorative, and recovery classes”.

Want to join in and see what all the buzz is about? Here are the meditation and mind-body figures we’re loving most lately. Find something and give it a shot…

ASHLEY NEESE | This energy healer and breath work expert will teach you how to change your own life with three simple steps: inhale, exhale, repeat.  READ HERE
YOGA NIDRA | Described in simple terms as the ultimate power nap — or a yoga class where the only pose is savasana — yoga nidra is a powerfully slowing, deepy rejuvenating practice even the busiest of us can make time for and benefit from. READ HERE

DR. SARA GOTTFRIED | This hormone pro changed our lives by helping us explore the links between out emotional well being and physical aging. READ HERE
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