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Looking good for a living sounds like a pretty fun gig. But working models have to put full effort into keeping their skin, hair and bod in peak glowing condition.We’re used to women in the industry doling out secrets for getting that glow factor. What about the dudes?

Canadian model, Noah Mills, knows a thing or two about professional-level mind-body upkeep. Genetics only go so far; hydration, sleep and juice galore are this male model’s real secrets to securing those swoon-inducing looks.

Our summer series celebrating fashion, wellness and Vogue’s 125th wouldn’t be complete without a bit of model behavior…

My uniform this season:

White tee, RRL jeans and whatever sneakers I choose that day.

Healthy dish/recipe I rely on lately:

I eat out a lot lately – fortunately in LA there are lots of healthy choices. The one thing I cook for myself is eggs, lox and steamed spinach!

Always in my fridge:

Pressed Juicery and probably some sparkling water and ice coffee. My fridge is not the munchie zone, for sure!

3 daily wellness habits:

I’ve been boxing a lot. Exercise helps my mental and physical state – I couldn’t do without it. That said, I was instructed to also give my body rest, which is harder than expected. Taking a day off and sleeping over eight hours is important to me and I’m trying to drink more water.

To stay healthy on the run I…

Take lots of vitamin C, drink my juices – ones with more sugar in the morning and less sugar at night. Get sleep!

Natural beauty tip:

Hmmm, I would have to say I notice when I eat lots of greens I look healthier.

Always in my day bag:

Moisturizer. I’m a freak for staying moist – haha, I know people hate that word.

Habit that changed my life:

Changing things out when they aren’t working.

Workout I love:

On my bookshelf:

The Road to Character by David Brooks.

Recent inspirations:

The Brad Pitt GQ article! It’s amazing.

Cause that’s closest to my heart:

One’s childlike exuberance for life.

My current mantra:

Pause when you’re not sure.

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  1. OMG-this man. What a beautiful way to start the day. Thanks TCM.

    Susan | 06.28.2017 | Reply

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