Farmacy Kitchen

There’s something instantly and deeply satisfying about biting into a juicy burger, especially when that burger is packed with plants and piled high with healthy ingredients. Food writer and cookbook author, Kat Odell, recently stumbled upon a great one at a gorgeous NYC pop-up from the top plant-based hotspot across the pond. If you’re a resident of the Left Coast, make your way down to Manhattan and give the superfood-loaded veggie burger from London’s Farmacy Kitchen a go…

What I ate: The Farmacy Burger from Farmacy Kitchen

Why I ate it: I read ‘goji ketchup’ on the menu, and was sold! This bigger burger is built entirely from organic, plant-based ingredients. The patty is made from millet, black beans, and mushrooms, and it’s layered with that awesome goji ketchup, aquafaba (chickpea brine) aioli carrot and celeriac remoulade, plus picked and tomatoes. On the side, sweet potato fries.

Why you need it: You have around six months to try healthy London-based cafe Farmacy Kitchen’s NYC pop-up, which takes over Soho’s Chefs Club Counter. Think, a Cafe Gratitude-esque bill of fare set in a chic, retro-feeling 60s-esque space.

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