Bring on the sweaters, the boots, the coats…and the braids! We’re thrilled to be piling on the layers again this season and ready to tuck ourselves down into the thickest turtleneck sweaters we can find.

This season’s chunky knits and collared coats call for gorgeous braids of every kind. In our fall beauty series with beauty maven, Maritza Buelvas, we’re sharing three braided looks we love that will take you straight through the fall and on into the holidays.

Each tutorial that Maritza has prepared for us (one redhead, one blonde and one brunette!) requires as little product as possible. For once, instead of sharing our favorite all-natural products, we’re seeing just how far we can take you without much product at all! (Then again, if you’re jonesing for that product, we love everything from this line.)

This first braid from Maritza, the beauty writer behind Beauty For Bloggers, plays up rich hair color, requires no heat, and pairs perfectly with our nubby sweater obsession! Here she is walking us through the knotted double french braid, also known as the four-strand braid…


3 to 4 clear elastic bands
Giovanni Root Lifting Spray
Giovanni Holding Spray
hair pins


Lightly spray root-lifting spray throughout the hair.

Part hair into four sections: two sections at the crown and one section on each side head.

Create two standard mid-rise ponytails with the top and bottom sections at the back of the head and secure each with an elastic band.

Tease each ponytail to create two thicker French two-strand braids on each ponytail and secure ends with an elastic band.

Wrap the remaining side hair around the base of your ponytail to create fullness, highlight color and give additional interest.

Start pulling at the sides of each braid (this is called pancaking the braid) to make them as thick looking as possible.

Connect both braids by joining them together with underpinned, criss-crossed hairpins.

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