Julie Civiello Polier is a reiki facialist and the author of the new book, Gua Sha & Crystal Massage: Techniques for Healthy, Clear, and Glowing Skin.

In the video above and tutorial below, Julie walks us through a simple technique that improves blood flow and lifts the face dramatically. At is turns out, our mind, body and emotions are inextricably linked, especially when it comes to the face. As Julie shares in this excerpt from her book, this ritual has emotional, as a well as beautifying benefits. If you’ve never explored the benefits of gua sha, you can review our tutorials throughout the site here.

Facial Acupressure Points for A Clear Complexion + Lifted Cheekbones

Pressing these points improves facial complexion, activates blood circulation, and lifts sagging cheeks. Applying pressure to these two points on the face can remedy acne and facial blemishes. It can also activate digestion, relieve head congestion, a stuffy nose, and burning eyes. It opens up the ears and can clear the sinuses and face.facial acupressure tips

Location: Under cheekbones, lining up with eye pupils
Energy meridians we come into contact with: stomach, large intestine
Organs and glands that can benefit: stomach, lungs, intestines, liver (right side), stomach (left side), adrenal glands
Gua Sha tools: Use 2 spoons or fingertips

01 | Using the tips of the spoons, or your fingertip, locate St 3 by tracing outward from your nostrils to a point directly beneath the pupil of each eye. Apply pressure to both sides at the same time.

02 | The points are underneath your cheekbones on either side of your face. See if you can hook your thumbs up underneath, pressing up into the bones and letting the weight of your head fall onto your thumbs.

03 | Notice what emotions release or bubble up to the surface so that they can clear.

Letting Go of Sadness | Working in this area, the lung area of the facial map, often a lot of grief and sadness can find their exit through this point.

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