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I want to talk a little bit about rejection. This isn’t something I’ve talked about lately on the blog, but it’s coming up again in folks’ lives. I want to be clear about one thing: we ALL will face rejection, but we will not all interpret rejection the same way. When we remember that we are the meaning-makers of our lives, this applies to ALL areas of our lives – not just when something good happens, but especially when things happen that we didn’t see coming.

Rejection is one of those things that can never be written about enough. Here is my question for you: What MEANING are you giving the rejection in your life?

I’m going to follow up that question with a statement that contradicts it: You can’t be rejected.


Here’s the deal. If you think about life and how we grow through it from a non-emotional place, we are simply beings who are vibrating at a certain frequency, looking for a match. That sounds new-agey, I know, but think about it. Does water reject oil when it separates from it, or does oil reject water when it separates from it? Do two positive ends of a magnet “reject” each other, in the personal sense? No. It’s just a fact that they aren’t a match. It’s nothing personal, it just doesn’t fit.

And just like the magnet or the oil and water, we have people we are going to get along with and people that we aren’t. And as we get to know someone, we may find out that we don’t have as much in common with him/her as we thought, or that we are repelled by him/her. This can happen in business, in love and with friends. It’s not personal – it’s just not a match.

And since The Uni-verse created you and loves you like a mofo, you are never rejected by it – you are simply on a journey to find your match. So with this idea in mind, the truth as I see it is that you cannot be rejected unless you reject yourself, period! If you make up a story about your worth or unworthiness because you aren’t a match with someone, that is the only way you can really be rejected. The power is in you to choose this.

This is not as easy as it sounds. It’s simple, but not easy. When we mix desire and emotion into the equation, finding out we aren’t a match with someone can be very painful, but it’s only as painful as the story you are telling yourself.

Learn to see rejection as REDIRECTION. Another way to think about it is that rejection is Uni-versal protection. You aren’t being rejected, you are being put back on course, because you are oil and you don’t mix with water -not because oil is worthless, that’s total bull. Be an advocate for your love and worthiness and see things as happening for you instead of to you. Flip this switch and you will begin to tell a new story.

I know how convenient it is to shut up and say you aren’t worthy – that way, you don’t have to open up. But if you see your life and your dating, friend and business life as a match-making exercise instead of a worthiness or unworthiness one, you will be ahead of the game!

So, where in your life are you feeling unworthy? Are you rejected or redirected? What new story would you like to tell? Let me know.



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