Green Coconut Water + 8 New Juices That Will Change Your Life

In just a few short years, the team at Pressed Juicery has watched as Los Angeles, and then the whole country, has gone ga-ga for green juice. What was once a healthful rarity has now become a daily staple for so many – and it’s been a thrill to watch. Not a day goes by that we don’t pound a Greens 1, and we’re no longer shocked to see well-loved bottles of Greens 3 and Citrus 4 in the offices, inside the cars, and in the background of Instagram shots everywhere we turn.

This month, Pressed Juicery is launching a brand new menu and introducing nine new flavors to their classic lineup. There are a few improved standards (don’t worry, no one’s touched the Greens!), a couple of basics never before offered, and – most importantly – mind-blowing new flavors that are going to change our lives. Here they are below. Get to your nearest Pressed location and let us know which of these flavors you love most using the hashtag #PRESSEDnewmenu!

Cold-Brewed Coffee

Don’t lie. You stop for green juice, then you stop for coffee. Now that whole process is a one-stop-shop. With only fresh, cold brewed coffee and vanilla bean as ingredients, this is the best cold brew we’ve ever let hit our lips (and trust us – we’ve tried our fair share). This addition is life-changing for all of us busy-slash-healthy folks careening around town. Best. Idea. Ever.

Green Coconut

What’s better than one new Coconut H2O? Two new coconut H2Os! The first is a Pressed Juicery lover’s dream: Green Coconut H2O. Greens with a coconut water base – a sweet way to pump up electrolytes and also pack in a dose of greens. We can’t get over this juice: refreshing, subtly sweet, full of minerals – and powerhouse greens like kale and romaine.

Rose Coconut

Rose Coconut H2O is the second new coconut water on the menu, and, honestly, more than we expected. Coconut water, rose water, and unicorn tears combine to make the coolest afternoon pick-me-up we may have ever had. This blend is anti-inflammatory, reduces redness in irritated skin, and deeply hydrating – and, obviously, it tastes like ROSES!

Brazil Nut Green Dream

When last winter’s Green Brazil Nut blend went off the shelves, we almost lost it. Apparently, juicers everywhere felt the same way. We’re tickled green to have this creamy, dreamy bottle of goodness back on the menu for good.

Got Classics?

There’s nothing like the real thing – – try as we may, we just can’t resist orange juice, and it is finally available at Pressed Juicery. Also new, classic Apple and cool Watermelon, with nothing added – perfect for kids, but cravably and hydrating for just about anyone.

Roots 2 Remix

Roots 2 just went to a whole other level. And carrot-lovers everywhere will be pretty stoked with the new recipe: carrot, apple, ginger, kale, romaine, spinach, parsley. Root veggie heaven.

Which juice is your favorite new flavor? Head to your nearest Pressed Juicery location to check out all the juicy changes for yourself – then leave a comment to tell us what you’re loving!

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