Paying top dollar for a trendy veggie bowl is the norm in L.A and we’re not always mad about it, knowing that even casual restaurants are working harder to use better, clean ingredients. This type of healthy eating makes living well convenient – for those who can afford it. But for many, even the most basic, healthy meal is still a luxury just out of reach. Everytable, a new variable pricing restaurant concept born here in L.A., wants to fix that.

This respectable new restaurant chain is using variable pricing to help make natural, nutritious food accessible for everyone – including underserved communities across L.A., including their South L.A. flagship, where full meals cost as little as $4.

This month, the mission-driven biz has opened two brand new locations — including storefronts in Downtown L.A. and Baldwin Hills, with a third opening in Santa Monica next month. In affluent neighborhoods the pricing for any of their bowls is about $8, while the same dishes (including great options for children!) still cost the affordable $4.

Everytable is the latest in a slew of companies with this sliding “pay what you can” model and we’re curious to see how these kinds of brands will be received. We know that the cost of healthy meals and groceries (we’re looking at you, superfood smoothie ingredients!) can add up, no matter where you live and that this matters to our reader.

What do you think about the new businesses offering price breaks based on location? Will you be trying Everytable yourself?

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