Essential Kitchen Gadgets

Every December we resolve to live a little healthier. Making more meals at home is the easiest way to hit our goal – but only if we’re equipped with the right tools to start! Whether you’re just getting acquainted to your stovetop, or have a relationship with cooking that’s simply lost its spark, this streamlined list of essential kitchen gadgets from Food Matters is the perfect launching point into a healthier, happier (homemade) year ahead.

Ok so we get it.  Cooking isn’t everyone’s “thing”. To many of us, cooking feels more like a chore than anything else. To others, cooking is one of the many splendors of life. If you’re not a fan of chopping, or you simply want to make life a little easier in the kitchen, stay tuned! We have a list of gadgets and tools to make your time in the kitchen just a little more enjoyable. Get ready to save time cooking and spending more time enjoying your delicious creations!

A Good Set of Knives | For anyone who is an avid watcher of cooking shows, I’m sure you’ve heard about why a good set of knives is so important in the kitchen. Not only does a fancy knife set look impressive, there are some other benefits too! For starters, sharp knives simply work better. They require less brute force than blunt knives, therefore you’re less likely to bruise your produce or have jagged edges. More importantly, sharp knives are in fact much safer than blunt knives. A sharp blade will prevent slipping and sliding and you will have more control over what you’re cutting.

Non-Toxic Non-Stick Pots and Pans | Are your pots and pans starting to look a little worse for wear? Non-stick pans are easy to clean and make preparing your favorite meal that little more hassle-free. As handy and convenient as non-stick cookware is, this is just another kitchen item to beware of. Some experts claim that Teflon (the product that makes your pans non-stick) could be toxic to our health, especially if heated to very high temperatures. If you’re worried about the potential toxicity of non-stick pans, check out these teflon-free, non-stick pans.

Digital Volumetric Spoon | Weighing out ingredients ensures you get just he right amount – for your body and for your recipe. Do you struggle to convert metric measurements and vice-versa? Maybe you rely on a converter website to do it for you. Thankfully, this process can be a thing of the past! Digital volumetric spoons do the hard work for you by displaying a digital conversion on the handle to ensure you add exactly what you need and nothing more, every time.

Slow Cooker | A slow cooker may sound a little contradictory, right? This article was supposed to be about saving time and making the cooking process faster! Well, despite the name, a slow cooker can actually save you cooking time. Before you head off for the day, simply put all of your favorite ingredients (vegetables, meat, stock, herbs and spices) into the slow cooker and let is slowly cook away while you’re at work. When you get home in the evening, your meal will be ready to serve. There are thousands of slow cooker recipes online, so you don’t have to dig far to find some tasty meal ideas.

Spiralizer | Whether it’s making your favorite zucchini noodles or colorful salad, a spiralizer is a must-have for any healthy foodies kitchen. They are so simple to use, and don’t take up much room in your kitchen cupboards, either. Kids love using a spiralizer to turn carrots, beetroots and zucchinis into ribbons as long as streamers.  And let’s admit, we’ll take any excuse to make our plate a little more insta-worthy!

Convection Oven | Hopefully by now you’ve heard the news that microwave ovens aren’t the greatest appliances for our health. Microwaves have the potential to destroy the enzymes and nutrients within our food. If you want to protect the goodness that lies within your food as much as possible, skip the convenience of a microwave and make the switch to a convection oven. Convection ovens are extremely versatile and essentially achieve the same result as a microwave – but without the potential health risks. You can read more about the dangers of microwave ovens here and here.

Electric Stick Mixer  | If you need to whip up a quick sauce, dressing or paste, instead of dirtying your big bench-top blender, why not use a hand held stick mixer? They are small and compact, and save you time washing up. Some blenders find it difficult to blend small portions, which is where a stick mixer comes in. Most stick mixers can be user inside a large cup or a bowl and some even come with a mini food processor!

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