And just like that, it’s September.

Say goodbye to your summer camp boyfriends and melting popsicles; feel the grief that comes with packing away the bikinis and weird trendy sandals that may never be in style again. Just remind yourself that what lies ahead is a season full of warming spices, crisp air, squash-related things and the spark of hope that comes with new routines.

While we may not be stocking up on new crayons and fresh sheets of paper this month, we’re still getting a kick out of new studio classes, blank journals, and bottles of green juice – and the feeling is much the same. There’s a sense of hopeful possibility and new beginnings in a month like this and, after all that’s gone down this year, we’re embracing that thrill like never before.

Sure, we’ve got a potpourri of stressors simmering on the stove just like you do, but, this September, we’re focusing on the power of routine to both comfort us and elevate life to new heights.

We’ve stuffed the September Shop with twenty one items that are absolutely elevating when put to good use – even if they’re a little less sexy than our normal mix. A tongue scraper and a new bottle of apple cider vinegar may not seem life-changing at first glance, but get hooked and see what happens.

The September Shop is full of simple items that will help you establish useful wellness habits for life. There are pieces of life-changing kitchen equipment – an easy-to-operate juicer and a super-powered blender; books and subscriptions that’ll get you on a knowledgeable health track; and a few delicious pantry staples we don’t know how we’d “wellness” without.

The toxin-free, non-stick Green Pan is a non-negotiable in the kitchen (try it out and get used to using it before the holidays), cacao powder and crave-worthy protein powder will turn all your smoothies and coffees into cheat-proof daily delicacies, and if you don’t have a laundry cycle’s worth of plain black leggings — despite all the trends — we don’t think your ‘wake-up for the gym no matter what’ plan is fool-proof yet.

Beyond The Shop, we suggest picking up a new plant or bouquet of seasonal flowers (no, it’s not too extravagant when you consider of the emotional pay-off), making a date with a friend you didn’t see all summer, and whipping up a juice, tea, broth or tonic recipe that makes you feel safe, cozy and warm (we love this and this).

Whip one up, take a look through our monthly Shop and let us know what you think we missed in terms of ultimate wellness essentials…

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