Standing out in a crowd is always a challenge. And when it comes to something like fitnesswear – which is having a major moment right now – it can be even harder to just do you. What’s trending? What’s hot? What’s fleeting, and what’s going to be around for the long haul? We see a lot of fitnesswear come across our desks each day, so we’re both attune to what’s trending and what’s more of the same. We know our readers have high standards – so naturally, we do too.

All this to say: when something really special comes along, we’re not ashamed to go full-on fangirl. Our latest obsession? We’ve fallen head-over-cross-trainers in love with local fitnesswear brand Electric & Rose. Named after the iconic cross streets in Venice Beach, CA, E&R is the epitome of the SoCal lifestyle. Part hippie-chic, part rockstar, and part fitness fanatic, we’re having a really hard time prying their uber soft, stylish, and super functional gear off our bodies.

Founded by designer Erin Chiamulon and her husband actor Eric Balfour out of their mutual love for surfing, yoga, active living, and their eclectic hometown, this a brand with some major heart. After a career in fashion, Erin joined forces with Eric after they realized that in a sea of workout clothes, there wasn’t really anything out there that spoke to their active lifestyle, had a personal flair to it, and performed like a boss while in action. Five years later, and Electric & Rose is now a fave of celeb yogis (like Caley Alyssa, Jen Pastiloff, and Briohny Smyth), surfers and gym goers just as much as those of us who just want a little more comfort, style, and movement in our day. Take a peek inside Erin’s gym bag…


Erin Chiamulon

Moment I fell in love with fitness:

I’m not sure that I had a distinct moment, but as a competitive athlete show jumping horses for many years, it really took a toll on my lower back. Yoga strengthened my core and changed the way my body felt emotionally and physically.

Favorite workout:

Santa Monica stairs, Vinnie Marino at Yoga Works and my good friend Jason Walsh’s Rise Nation.

Best fitnesswear staples:

An Electric & Rose hat to help keep my face protected from the sun and Electric & Rose Sunset leggings. I live in them.

Favorite workout shoes:

Black and white Nike 5.0s.

Favorite hair accessories:

A bandana tied at the top. I also love Roses tie-dyed hair bands

Must-have gadgets:

For workouts? My iPhone for music. In general? Couldn’t live without my Vitamix… and heating pads are so underrated.

On my workout playlist…

Little Dragon, Beyonce, DJ Shadow, BANKS, Brigitte Fontaine, Groove Armada, A Tribe Called Quest, Tame Impala, Bruce Springteen… Spotify all the way.

Most unexpected item in my gym bag:

Favorite way to hydrate:

Pressed Juicery Chlorophyll h2o

Favorite post-workout fuel:

Hard-boiled eggs or a homemade smoothie. I love almond butter on toast or with an apple, if I’m in a rush.

Fave quickie workout:

A bike ride or 20 minute online yoga class with Vytas Baskauskas on Udaya’s website.

I stay inspired by...

Traveling, reading, asking questions and I’ve always been very crafty. I love DIY projects and trying recipes from new cookbooks. I’m also very lucky to have an incredibly creative husband, family and friends.

Personal fitness tip:

Everything in moderation.

Current mantra:

From my mother-in-law: Ho’oponopono… I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

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