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When someone you love is far away — be it a best friend, a lover or a parent — it’s the little things that matter most. Whether it’s with a long distance relationship or with someone you lose, the simple act of sharing your heartbeat can create a profound sense of connection. A tiny new piece of tech, Enso, is making it possible.

Most of us experience our heartbeats when we’re running or when we’re anxious. Really tapping into and listening to the rhythm of our own heart when it’s in a calm state is such an intimate and grounding way to feel connected to our selves or to others. What was originally designed as a meditative tool to enhance self-connection, Enso has evolved into a way to share a sense of love and connection to the people around you, or those far away, and carry them with you. Nicole Richie recently called it “The most incredible creation that has ever existed” — we won’t argue.

Enso Heartbeat device in hand

What is it? Enso is a simple and elegant device made with natural materials that can measure your heartbeat, and pulses with subtle feedback to the beat of your heart. You can feel your own heartbeat — an intimately soothing experience much like that of meditating — or you can record it and give it to a loved one, wherever they are. Save the heartbeat of someone you love, or share your heartbeat in real time via the app.

Where did it come from? The idea came to founder Rebecca Goldman after she had a profound experience connecting to her own heartbeat during meditation: “I was sitting there meditating and I really felt my heartbeat as this reminder that I was present; I exist, I matter. Up to that point in my life, I really lived mostly in my head and wasn’t really connected to my body and this whole kind of integrated thing that we all are. Paying attention to my own heartbeat brought me back to this recognition that I need to take care of myself and of my heart.”

How does it work? Enso has a sensor at the bottom that reads the pulse of your palms — a similar technology to the Apple Watch. As you hold it in your hand, it senses your heartbeat in real time and it pulses with your heartbeat in real time. At the same time, the light will glow and change colors based on your heart rate. The lights also guide you to breathe at your own calming rate. It creates an instantaneous connection back to your heart; and back to your body. It connects to an app that allows you to store the heartbeat of anyone who holds it and play it back any time.

Where can you buy it? Enso is available here.

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