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Jennifer Zuccarini knows what women want. Having spent years in the lingerie industry — from Kiki De Montparnasse to Victoria’s Secret — Zuccarini is nailing boudoir chic for the fashion set with her luxe lingerie brand, Fleur Du Mal. The brand’s gorgeous pieces evoke all the emotions we’re aiming for when shopping lingerie – and her Spring ’18 line includes a cannabis-print collection we’re finding hard to resist.

We asked this entrepreneurial babe to join our ‘What I’ve Learned‘ series and share the key lessons she’s picked up through all the pain and pleasure of running her own business. We love everything she has to say…

What I’ve Learned…About Business – Resilience is essential. I went through a difficult time in my business a few years ago, I almost felt like giving up. I spoke to a few of my friends who are entrepreneurs and they said, you’re going to get through this, this pain will pass – and of course they were right. Now I feel like I can take on most issues. Problem solving is what it means to be an entrepreneur.

About People – They are everything. It’s an ongoing journey to find the right people, especially as we grow. I’m happiest when we have a strong team, we’re all working together to build something incredible, and having a good time doing it.

About Women – They are beautiful, powerful, and complex creatures.

About Myself – I’m extremely resourceful. I’ll find a way to figure things out.

About Self-Care – It’s a must. I have a few things I need to be at my best, it’s a combination of sleep, exercise, and meditation. If I can squeeze one to three of those in my day, I’m pretty happy.

About Confidence – Fake it till you make it. I try to challenge myself and do things out of my comfort zone, it’s the only way to grow and build confidence.

About Wellness – I think more and more we are treating our bodies like a fine tuned machines. I love trying new things, infrared saunas, superfoods – I very into adaptogens at the moment.

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