3pm energy slump survival kit

It’s 3pm. Do you know where your dry shampoo is? We’ve gathered together six essential products we think will pull you out of any energy-slash-beauty slump. Here are all six items, pulled from our own team’s very own stash…

Playa Dry Shampoo

pump it up: Playa Dry Shampoo | Day to night FTW. This sexy-smellling dry shampoo will get your hair and mood back in place in one slip of the wrist. Spritz it on, shake it through, and get back to business looking alive and feeling refreshed. CHECK OUT

Cap Matcha

look alive: cap Matcha sticks | Make our green power milk recipe at once. Whipping up a matcha-fueled energy bev will help you re-energize and filling that drink with green powder is the ultimate afternoon ‘do’. Packed with protein, adaptogens, nourishing greens and all the benefits of matcha green tea, our recipe for the potion is an afternoon life-saver. These mini matcha packets make the process even cooler.  CHECK OUT

Kosas Lipstick

pucker up: Kosas Lipstick | Fake it ’til you make it! if this bold lip color doesn’t wake you from that energy slump, it’ll at least wake your officemates. CHECK OUT

Vitruvi Focus Rollerball

just breathe: Vitruvi Rollerball | This bright and earthy aromatic rollerball features a blend of essential oils known to help enhance focus and energy. Rub a bit into your wrists and across your collar bone for an instant refresh. CHECK OUT

get fresh: Oral Essentials Travel Mouthwash |A quick swirl of this minty mouthwash will call all of your senses into attention, instantly giving your mouth – and mind – that awakening icy-cold shower effect. Surprisingly effective. And this brand is toxin-free. CHECK OUT

beauty bird bath: Caudalie Beauty Elixir | A refreshing hit of hydration and an intoxicating floral scent makes this spritz an MVP for gliding through that afternoon energy slump. CHECK OUT

What’s in your office stash for afternoon energy pick me up’s? Share below! 

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