Green Mint matcha Beauty Tea

Green means go. Midday energy lulls can be a very real thing and we love our green power milk for an instant boost that leaves us hydrated and nourished – not strung out on sugar and caffeine. The ladies behind NYC’s clean beauty haven, CAP Beauty sent over these recipes for two afternoon green drinks we’re adding to our rotation right away.

One version is packed with protein and an impressive list of green ‘alchemy’ from one of our favorite wellness brands, the other is made with CAP’s own signature matcha — some of the best we’ve ever tried! Grab a cup of either for a healthier pick-me-up, and head over to our Instagram today for a chance to win a set of CAP Beauty’s new on-the-go matcha sticks!

We’re always finding ways to incorporate greens into our diets, especially around 4 o’clock when the urge to snack is high. By incorporating these superfoods (some with caffeine!), you’ll boost your energy while giving yourself a hit of antioxidants as well as a much needed shot of focus to get you through the day. Here’s a couple of our favorite green beverages when the clock strikes at snack time.

Green Protein Alchemy
makes 1 serving


1 cup nut or seed milk
1 date, seed removed
1/2 tablespoon Green Protein Alchemy
1 ice cube


Add all ingredients to a high speed blender and blend till combined. Enjoy.

Iced Matcha Mint Tea
makes 1 serving


1 cup mint tea
1/2 tsp matcha


Make a cup of your favorite mint tea and let cool. We like to Infuse fresh mint overnight in filtered water in the fridge and strain in the morning. Add cold tea to blender and 1/2 teaspoon of matcha. Blend on high till combined, pour over ice and enjoy.

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