embracing emotional health and how to meditate for personal power

do you allow yourself to be vulnerable? It’s that time of year when even the least self-aware among us do a bit of naval gazing. As transparency and vulnerability have become more and more welcome on social media, we asked integrative health practitioner, reiki master and nutritionist, Serena Poon to share a bit about why it matters — how to tap in…

We’re starting to see more and more people pour their souls out on Instagram. When done responsibly, this can be a powerful tool for growth and healing. Why? Because people are using social media platforms as a tool for embracing vulnerability. Embracing your vulnerability is the process of getting in touch with emotions or behaviors that bring you fear. You might be scared of how you will feel when a particular subject comes to light or you may be scared of how people will react when you tell them. Once you begin to embrace your vulnerabilities despite these fears amazing things can happen. You can heal old wounds, forge deeper relationships, and become a better, stronger version of yourself.

A large part of embracing vulnerability is allowing the behaviors, circumstances or emotions that scare you to be shared with others. Often people share their fears with a good friend, family member, coach, mentor or even a therapist. In this day and age, you could also share your vulnerabilities on social media. I think it’s important to be very thoughtful about how and why you choose social media as the medium for sharing your vulnerabilities, but if yours is a message that is empowered by reach, then a social network can be an incredible tool.

Here are some of the ways embracing vulnerability, on or off of social media, can be a potent tool for growth and healing:

it can lead to emotional Healing | In order to heal emotionally and spiritually, you must first get in touch with your emotions. Acknowledging difficult emotions can be challenging, but the process will eventually allow you to reach a point that they do not deter the joy and happiness that you deserve. When you share with friends and loved ones, you are not only identifying and connecting with your emotions, you are also releasing power from these difficult feelings. Once your vulnerabilities are out in the open, they will no longer create a burdening heavy energy in your body and energy fields.

it can empower Personal Growth | Embracing your weaknesses and fears is also a powerful path towards personal growth. You must become uncomfortable in order to become your best self. Identifying and embracing your weaknesses can teach you what you need to work on to improve. Sharing these weaknesses and opportunities for growth with others will not only remove the fear around these weaknesses, it can also help you find support and camaraderie in your growth.

it can build Connection | Vulnerability can make you relatable, which can help you to create deeper connections. This is especially relevant on social media. The more you open up about your vulnerabilities, the more likely it is that you will reach someone who is experiencing the same thing. By embracing your vulnerabilities, you can empower others like you to do the same.

A Guided Meditation To Reach Your Personal Power

Try this crystal-infused third chakra meditation on embracing emotional health and how to meditate for personal power…

+ Bring a crystal. Amethyst is a nice stone for amplifying personal power.

+ Hold your crystal in your hands. With intention, say out loud (or in your head is okay, too!):
With love and gratitude, I bless and program these stones to hold the highest vibrational light and raise my vibration.

+ Close your eyes and envision your third chakra (the space just underneath your ribs) to be  surrounded by light and love.

+ Call out (or think it clearly in your head) the emotions and circumstances that bring you feelings of fear.

+ Begin to imagine yourself embracing these fears and sending them love.

+ Then, close your meditation by saying (out loud or in your head):
I release my fears, I am strong and grounded in my personal power.

At first it might be difficult to acknowledge your difficulties and share them or send them love, but with practice you will begin to realize the immense power of embracing your vulnerabilities.

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