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Oops, we did it again. Recently, we jumped into the TCM community and asked you, our beloved readers, to share your most embarrassing wellness story. And you delivered. 

No one said living well was easy (or graceful), and these hilarious anecdotes are perfect proof. From detox tea trauma to a cautionary TMI hygiene tale, we’re getting a healthy dose of giggles from each embarrassing wellness story below.

Check out all the answers on Instagram here and, if you’re feeling brave, share a personal snafu or two in the comments! We’re laughing with you, we promise…

I made a homemade clay deodorant and not thinking about the fact that clay absorbs EVERYTHING it comes in contact with. I stored it in an clean re-used minced garlic jar. Yeah, I didn’t realize until our church service started that it smelled like I had been bathing in a pool of garlic  They always talk about those smelly hippies and I earned the title that day hehe!

I used turmeric in my hair because I heard over the counter anti-fungal meds can make your hair thicker/shinier/perfect because many people have fungus on their scalp preventing their hair from growing more. I turned orange. For three days. The best part is I already have thick hair…

Oh just the time I shoved a garlic clove up my vajayjay & it got stuck too high up for me to reach. Hubby got his flashlight & looked for kitchen tools to help him mine for the treasure so I didn’t have to go to the ER! I was trying to treat a yeast infection by the way …

Before I learned the hard way: In an effort to fight the flu, I overloaded on vitamin C….. Then had to run to a public restroom and could. not. leave. For hours.

At the gyno for my annual pap and pelvic exam with the drape over my legs, feet in stirrups (assume the position…scooch down, scooch down…)when my doc suddenly says, “Oh, it looks terrible!” I was mortified & about to comment about the inappropriateness of critiquing “lady bits” when I realized he was talking about the weather. He had tickets for the baseball game later… .

When I first ate edamame, I said ” I quite like them but my jaw is really sore, they are hard work” I thought the whole thing was to be scoffed!

@Lisa Muscato
About 10 years ago, I was invited to my first hot yoga class– actually first yoga class ever. So, knowing absolutely nothing about yoga going into it I had no clue that I should hydrate like crazy beforehand. About 15 minutes into the class I fainted, totally fell onto the ground and then awoke with the room “twisting” back to normal…. The class never even stopped… Which I still can’t decide if I should be thankful I wasn’t called out in front of everyone or if I should be like, “wait– no one stopped to check if the passed out gal is ok?!”

I thought Swiss chard was a cheese…

The time I went to open a bottle of homemade kombucha after it’s second fermentation and my entire kitchen was pressure washed with blood red kombucha. It happened so fast I was left bewildered and soaking wet in the middle of a puddle. I cleaned the floor, walls, ceilings and appliances for two hours straight and 6 months later still find dried kombucha streaks I missed! ‍

Did a raw cleanse that involved drinking a lot of detox tea. A few hours in, I was grocery shopping with my boyfriend when my gut told me I had about .5 seconds to make it to a bathroom. I ran/waddled as fast as possible, and barely made it to the toilet in time. Then when my bowels were aggressively (and loudly) evacuating every bit of raw goodness I had consumed, an old woman made direct eye contact with me through the 1″ slit between the stall door and the door frame. I gave her the finger. Desperate times. Desperate measures.

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