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There’s nothing sweeter than casually strolling outside to pull a fresh tomato from the vine, snap a few zucchinis of their stems, dig up a cute little carrot or two — then walk right back into your home kitchen to prepare them. Living in the city, we find ourselves constantly craving farm-to-table eats. It can be hard to even imagine bringing our edible garden dreams to life, and that is exactly why gardening guru Lauri Kranz is in such high demand.

The visionary entrepreneur with a serious green thumb is responsible for some of the prettiest and most functional edible gardens around town, from Beverly Hills to Sullivan Canyon and plenty of neighborhoods in between. Her ability to turn even the smallest space into a fertile bed of delicious produce keeps her services in high demand.

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Lauri’s latest book, A Garden Can Be Anywhere, has been a source of inspiration — and mental escape — for us since it first landed on our desks. Take a tour of some of our favorite featured edible gardens throughout LA, and get inspired by even more of Lauri’s work here

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A garden in brentwood |Raised garden beds makes it easy to install an edible garden in homes that don’t have the right kind of soil. This garden gives a modern home the lushness it needs to blend in with its environment.
edible gardens in laA garden in Los Angeles |Raised garden beds can be added to any outdoor space for an instant garden that doesn’t have to replace your lawn. Most importantly, it means you don’t have to rely on questionable city soil as the base for your edible garden.
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Hollywood Hills Garden | Want an edible garden but worried about pets or local wildlife? Encapsulate your garden and add style points with an open-air enclosure.
fresh greens in garden basketA Garden in Bel Air | Leafy greens like kale and lettuce grow quickly – trimming them regularly (read: enjoying the fruits of your harvest) helps the plant stay healthy and productive.
edible garden greenhouse
A Garden In Sullivan Canyon | This greenhouse maximizes its space and variety with vertical structures. Climbing plants and vines have something to hold on to and won’t take up too much space in the soil below so you can include a wide variety of plants in your edible garden.
Love the look of these edible gardens? Learn how to build and sustain your own with this practical guide from Lauri.
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