When reader and Martha’s Vineyard mama blogger Sarah Waldman suggested we share her ‘recipe’ for floral ice cubes we knew it was a no-brainer. Firstly, we wanted to see the photos for our own enjoyment and secondly, we think this is the sweetest way to preserve summer’s last stand. Try this incredibly simple DIY for an upcoming gathering and watch your hostess cred skyrocket.

Believe it or not this is one of many ice cube features on TCM! Get our herbal ice cubes, juice ice cubes for champagne cocktails and more here.

Flowers make everything better. They may be freshly cut and arranged on the dining table, growing in the backyard or sprinkled into a bubble bath, but their power to promote happiness and healing is no secret. So why not float colorful blooms in your summer drinks as well?

Edible flower ice cubes quickly make a ho-hum summer party fabulous with almost no effort (it’s as simple as making ice). The cubes work perfectly in any summery drink from fresh-pressed vegetable juice to iced tea and rosé.

Start by visiting your local farmer’s market, florist, or farm stand and ask for a small bouquet of edible flowers – anything from herb blossoms (chive, borage, basil), nasturtiums, pansies, lavender and violas work. Of course, you can also grow your own pot of edible flowers outside to use in drinks, salads and arrangements.

Edible Flower Ice Cubes


sillicone ice cube trays
various herbs and/or blossoms of your choice


Add a blossom or leaf face-down into each spot in the ice cube tray. Cover with water, freeze until solid and simply pop out a few the next time you pour a cold drink!

Note: For extra clear cubes, boil distilled water then let it cool completely. Prepare the ice as usual.

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