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We’re always on the hunt for ways to stay green and gorgeous on-the-go. Green celebrity makeup artist Lina Hanson travels the world keeping clients like Emma Stone and Ellen Degeneres fresh, eco and camera-ready. She’s learned a thing or two in all her travels on what women around the world use to keep themselves glowing. Her new line, Beauty Around the World, has just launched with the release of her Global Face Serum which uses an amazing blend of oils sustainably harvested from around the world that have been beauty secrets for international cultures for centuries.

We asked Lina to give us the inside scoop on a few of the secrets she’s learned in her travels and some easy tips for staying gorgeous and green out on the road…

  • From Pakistan: Apricot Kernel

    The Hunza people in Northern Pakistan are known to be the healthiest people on earth. Their secret to their youthful complexion could be the use of their highly prized oil, Apricot Kernel. This oil is very rich in Vitamin E and skin softening properties. It penetrates your skin without feeling an oily feel, and is a great oil for aging or dry skin.

  • Read The Fine Print

    Read the labels of the products you purchase. When you educate yourself on the ingredients you should avoid, you take charge of your overall health and body. If there is a laundry list of ingredients you've never heard of or can't pronounce, chances are it's not natural.

  • Keep The Travel Kit Clean

    Make sure to clean your makeup tools often.  Makeup brushes and sponges collect tons of bacteria, which can cause breakouts. Wash your tools with a natural shampoo every so often.  Always check the expiration date of your beauty products. A mascara, for example, should be switched out every two months, and lipsticks about every 4-5 months.

  • Multi-Task Products

    A great way to keep things compact when you're traveling - as well as saving time and money - is to use multi-purpose makeup products. Nowadays, there are tons of great natural products that work for both lip and cheek, or a foundation that doubles as a powder. You can even use your lipstick as a creme blush or vice-versa.

  • Scrub Up For Circulation

    Dry brushing your skin before showering is a wonderful way to get rid of toxins, reduce cellulite and improve your skin tone. After long flights or car rides, this is especially helpful for circulation. If you can't take a brush on the road a hotel washcloth will do. Brush in circular motions towards the heart.

  • Anywhere DIY

    Making your own beauty products can be both fun and inexpensive!  You can use ingredients straight from the nearest grocery store - or even room service! At home, most of these items are right in your kitchen cabinet. My favorite DIY mask is 1/3 cup dry oatmeal, about 2 cups of papaya, and 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix the ingredients together and leave on your skin for about 10-15 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water.  It's the perfect remedy for tired, sluggish, run-down travel skin!

  • Let it shine

    With makeup, sometimes less is more! I'm a true believer in letting your natural beauty shine through. For daytime, rather than piling on your makeup with heavy foundations and shadows, opt to go for lighter eye shades like gold, nudes and browns, sheer foundations and pink or peach cream blushes.

  • In Japan: Camellia Seed

    One of the best beauty secrets I've learned from the women in Japan is Camellia seed oil. It grows in the mountains of Southeastern Asia and is known to be very rich in fatty-acids and vitamins. It smoothes rough, dry skin and softens lines and wrinkles, keeping your skin healthy and youthful looking.

  • Suck It Up

    Stay hydrated and stay away from caffeinated drinks. It seems like the most simple beauty tip on earth, but it really does make a difference, especially when you're flying. Drink tons of water every day and keep yourself hydrated with fresh vegetable and fruit juices. There are so many vitamins in these fresh juices that make your skin glow from within.

  • 3 Perfect Picks
    • Global Face Serum: I use my serum every morning and night and before any makeup application. It's the perfect moisturizer for a glowing complexion and it works for all skin types.
    • Tatcha Blotting Papers: These Japanese blotting papers are great to keep excess shine off without disturbing the makeup.
    • Vapour Beauty Multi Use Cheek Color:  These creme blushes come in great shades and blend into the skin, making it look fresh and healthy.
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