Eat Clean, Train Dirty: Class in Session with The People’s Bootcamp NYC

Adam Rosante is the trainer to watch behind one of New York’s most popular – and most inspiring – workouts. The People’s Bootcamp, a 45-minute ‘pay-what-you-can’ workout uses just body weight and mental muscle to condition gym-goers into tip-top condition. We love Adam’s trademark mantra  “Eat clean. Train dirty. Live hard.”  It’s the kind of simple, heartfelt, no fuss attitude so many of his following are getting hooked on.

This month Adam and Miami fitness pro Idalis Velazquez have teamed up for the powerful, but totally accessible C9 Champion Commit to Fit series, a 21-day workout featuring five videos to freshen up your routine by focusing on every part of your body. Each video, like the one above, is designed to jumpstart and reinvigorate 2016 fitness goals in the simplest way possible: at home, with little to no equipment, in under fifteen minutes each! In other words, no excuses possible. To sweeten the deal,  C9 Champion has been offering a killer sale on all their fitness gear through the month. Their special offers end this Saturday, January 16th. Let that tight deadline motivate you to get geared up right away and Commit to Fit! There’s nothing like new workout swag to kick off a new fitness experience right.

Need even more inspiration? We asked Adam to walk us through his own fitspirational techniques, from what’s always stocked in his gym bag to his health mantra for the brand new year…


Adam Rosante


Founded The People’s Bootcamp. Author of the best-selling book The 30 Second Body. Train privately. Create programs for online, TV and magazines.

Favorite class to teach:

High-intensity metabolic training.

Favorite class to take:


Moment I fell in love with fitness:

When I was 13 years old and my parents got me a secondhand weight set.

When you leave my class you feel...

Like you understand for the first time that you are actually capable of anything.

My secret weapon:


Go-to workout gear: C9

Champion from Target. I’ve worn every type of workout gear you can imagine. Their line is the best. And it’s mind-blowingly affordable. When you’re working out regularly, you need a decent amount of gear and unless you want to spend all your money on workout clothes (or be doing laundry every day), C9 is unbeatable.

In my gym bag:

C9 shorts and sleeveless tank. Sneakers. Everyman Jack deodorant. Flip flops to wear in the sauna and shower at the gym. A shaker bottle with whey protein powder and Garden of Life powdered greens.

Favorite workout move:

Pull-ups and a number of pull-up variations. They’re the best indicator of relative strength. There’s nothing in the world like seeing the look on a client’s face when they get their first pull-up.

Biggest inspiration:

My parents. They started with less than nothing. (I mean that. Less than nothing, as they inherited a world of bad debt. It’s a long story) Through hard work, generosity and persistence, they built an amazing life for themselves and our family.

When I'm not in the studio, I'm:

Usually doing a speaking engagement, filming workout videos or designing a new program. If it’s a really, really good day, the latter two things are happening at the beach with my family nearby.

Favorite post-workout fuel:

One scoop of Jay Robb whey protein powder with one scoop Garden of Life powdered greens, shaken with water.

Favorite way to hydrate:

Drink water. Lots of water. At least half my bodyweight in ounces per day to be exact. In the morning, I’ll squeeze some fresh lemon in it.

Fave quick workout outside the studio:

If we’re talking about a quickie that’s just about fitness, it’s 4-6 rounds of a few bodyweight moves done full-out for 30-seconds each. If I’ve got some time, it’s surfing and rock climbing.

Latest healthy obsession:

I’ve made it a policy to stay away from fads. Like the boy bands of the ’90s, they’ll each soon be replaced by the next fad du jour. Timeless principles of sleep, sweat, food, water, love, generosity, consistency and side-splitting laughter will always be effective for a strong, healthy life.

Current mantra:

“Progress. Not Perfection.”

C9 Champion gear is on sale starting December 27 through January 16. Get those resolution in high gear…

This post is brought to you by Target. Commit to Fit this January with C9 Champion’s 21-day workout video series, and get new C9 Champion gear only at Target!

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