Why You Should Be Building A Healthy Cookbook Collection

First come the resolutions, then the ambitiously clean meal plan. Soon after, boredom sets in and before you know it you’re back to living off sugar cookies like Christmas never happened.

To make healthy meal planning a thrill rather than a chore, commit to building a healthy cookbook collection.

Together, these eight cookbooks make modern healthy home cooking less a chore, more a thrill. We dare you not to throw Deliciouslly Ella’s messy vegan entrees or Half Baked Harvest’s roasted veggie bowls into rotation…

Natural Feasts by Deliciously Ella | The UK’s top food blogger — and former TCM guest editor — turned her passion for plant-based eating into a mini-empire, shaking up the wellness scene across the pond with her healthy recipes, cafes and pre-packaged raw energy balls. Her cookbooks are geared toward supporting easy-to-integrate healthy habits, and sharing the deliciousness with loved ones, just as Ella loves to do.  CHECK OUT
The Beauty Chef by carla oates | Beauty starts within; literally. How we look and how we feel – both mentally and physically – depends directly on how smoothly everything is working beneath the surface. Carla Oates’ cookbook, like her signature protein powder, is packed with gut-healing, skin-perfecting, deeply nourishing ingredients and elegant dishes that let them shine.  CHECK OUT
Half Baked Harvest | Here’s another case of a food blogger that blows-up and breaks out of the online space: this colorful and exciting cookbook from the foodie behind Half Baked Harvest is a must have. With a mix of veggie-heavy dishes and others that are more hearty but still healthy, it’s the kind of cookbook you’ll use for weekly inspiration. CHECK OUT

Body Love by Kelly LeVeque | You don’t need a nutrition degree to become a master of your metabolism, digestion, and diet plan. Celebrity nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, has a foolproof formula rooted in deep, nerdy science that she breaks down gracefully in her first book. The plan is holistic and easy to turn into and sustain as a lifestyle free from food anxiety and full of “body love”.  CHECK OUT

Eat with Intention by cassandra bodzak | Eating well — and making it a long-term habit — isn’t just about the food we stock our fridge with. It’s about the intention driving every choice we make. The more mindful we are with our self-care, the more in control we are of the state of our well being. This book is full of recipes and meditations for a thoroughly mindful lifestyle. Snag a few of our faves from the book here.  CHECK OUT
Nutrition Stripped by mckel hill | The Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and founder of Nutrition Stripped is on a mission to making healthy habits fun, sustainable and chic. Her clean, modern aesthetic matches our vibe – as does her deeply nerdy fascination for the science behind nutrition and good health. Get to know Mckel and grab some of her game-changing recipes here CHECK OUT
Everything I Want to Eat by Jessica Koslow | The title says it all. This cookbook is the little sister of Sqirl restaurant in LA, both of which are mothered by buzzy chef Jessica Koslow. Her dishes use real ingredients, whole foods and simple yet modern home-style cooking techniques to create a new kind of comfort food.  CHECK OUT
Sweet Laurel: Recipes for Whole Food, Grain-Free Desserts By Laurel Gallucci | When our sweet tooth kicks in the first person we turn to is Sweet Laurel herself, Laurel Gallucci. All of her dreamy desserts are gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free, but you’d never guess by taste or presentation alone. From chocolate cake to cobbler to cookies and everything in between, the recipes in Laurel’s debut cookbook are guaranteed to become staples. CHECK OUT

Discover some more gorgeous and healthy cookbooks we love here!

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