Address summer skin issues from the inside out. This superfood elixir isn’t just delicious – it’s a serious skin savior. Lacy Phillips of Free + Native Journal is reminding us why chia seeds are still a “thing” – and are her secret to the flawless, sunny complexion she’s sporting this summer and beyond. Quench your thirst and get glowing!

Chia seeds, to me, represent summer. From chia pudding to chia popsicles, truly the list is endless. That is because chia seeds are truly where raw luxury meets potent superfood. And though we all know the benefits of chia seeds by now (complete vegan protein, three times more antioxidants than blueberries, two times more potassium than a banana, and more omega-rich than salmon), I believe they merit a renewed spotlight. Why? Because it’s summer. Because it’s hot out. Because we want a nourishing elixir that will keep us full for hours and feed our glowing skin. That’s why.

With watermelon in full luscious abundance, this is truly going to become your new favorite summer refreshment.



3 Tbsp chia seeds
3 cups freshly cut watermelon 
1 cup of water, heated to lukewarm


Place 3 tablespoons of chia seeds into a small bowl. Slowly pour warm water over, while stirring the whole time to gelatinize and activate the chia seeds. Leave this porridge in the fridge overnight to reach its full expansion.

The next day, add 3 cups of freshly cut watermelon to your blender. (If you feel that you didn’t pick a sweet enough watermelon, feel free to add honey or other herbs, such as pine pollen, for more added benefits.)

Blend for 30 seconds or until you reach a slushy juice-like consistency. 

Pour your chia porridge in a carafe or jar of choice, and add your blended watermelon juice. Stir together well with a spoon.

Enjoy often!

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