Superfood Spotlight: Dr. Schulze’s Organic Herbs

Dr. Schulze has created a complete line of potent healing herbs. All of the herbs used in the formulations are both organic and wild-harvested. Organically grown food, herbs and plants have four to ten times more nutrition in them. This means you have a four to ten times better chance of getting well, preventing disease, healing disease and building powerful health, according to Dr. Schulze.

Because of the high quality, these products can cost more than your commercial grade herbs. However, note the quality difference in what you are receiving. It can be difficult to track the origins of all the herbs out there on the market. Chances are, most manufacturers are buying the cheapest herbs available from China and India. If the herbs are coming from countries which don’t require strict standards when it comes cultivation, then many times the herbs may be contaminated. This defeats the purpose of doing something healthy for your body, as a contaminated product can actually make you sick. Rest assured, all Dr. Schulze herbs are harvested from the wild and certified organic in the US, including Hawaii.

The SuperFood Plus formula comes in tablets and powder, depending on what works best for your lifestyle. Dr. Schulze’s superfood blend is a truly amazing one, as it contains key nutrient-dense ingredients such as chlorella, blue-green algae, dulse and spirulina. The beauty of this formula is that you receive all these superfoods at once without taking multiple supplements. The blend is further enhanced with beetroot and wheatgrass – both of which not only boost the immune system, but also help detox the body on a cellular level. There is a Dr. Schultze Pharmacy in Marina Del Rey, California, if you are curious about more of these high quality and potent products.


Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus Powder, $38.00

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