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There may be an over-abundance in new podcasts lately, but we’re thrilled that Dr. Mark Hyman is putting his hat in the ring. One of functional medicine’s leading doctors and a best-selling wellness author, Dr Hyman’s influence is much needed in the world of pods. Here’s why we’ve been tuning in to The Doctor’s Farmacy…

The PodThe Doctor’s Farmacy by Dr. Mark Hyman; Episode 1 with Michael Moss on Salt, Sugar, Fat and The Role of the Food Industry in Creating Food Addiction

The Message: According to Dr. Hyman, we’re seeing an increase in the prevalence of chronic disease rooted in food systems, agricultural policies and healthcare politics that don’t necessarily promote health. Michael Moss, “a New York Times investigative reporter turned food-focused journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner for Explanatory Reporting, and author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us” joins him to talk about addictive foods.

Through his detailed research on our current food industry, Moss helps unveil Big Food’s mission to get consumers hooked on their products through ingredients engineered to be “hyper-palatable”. Palatable we can appreciate, but, as you can imagine, Big Food’s goals are often misaligned with consumer health.

Why We Loved it:  The truth hurts, but we finished this podcast as more conscious consumers. Our health is highly impacted by large influences in food, agriculture and politics to a degree that most consumers aren’t educated enough on. Dr. Hyman’s new podcast is diving deep with key conversations about health and wellness that need to be had. Tune in and tell us what you think!

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  1. Brilliant! This planet Earth is our physical mother – is the one – who creates the rejuvenating powers of nature which modern ‘pseudo-science’ is violating to such a degree that animals, insects are dying – and yet, ‘this type of industrial financed science’ denies that it can harm or kill humans! It is absurd – poison kills! That is it – if we add poison to our fields we will die – perhaps not with the first bite… but slowly – today – very few know that this new generation is thought to have a lower life expectancy than previous generations. But naturally this has nothing to do with the toxins we use to polute the air, the earth, the water! Nor has the wave of hashimoto patients anything to do with the radiation from Tschernobyl, Fukushima the endless unreported atom testing all over the world which uses up iodine reserves especially in women? This is why it is so important to support the cause of Vandana Shiva, Prince of Wales (his latest film the Farmer and his Prince has been put on the black list!), Oliver Gardiner from Regeneration International, John and Ocean Robbins, Ronnie Cummins, Sasha Stone and so many others… God bless them all… it is time to clean up our act. Poison is not a part of creating health – neither on this planet in agriculture nor in our medicine cabinets.

    Danae | 06.15.2018 | Reply

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