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You can’t always judge a book by its cover, but you can always judge a doctor by their fridge. Right? We love getting health advice from functional medicine practitioner, Mark Hyman, but what we love even more is that Dr Hyman practices what he preaches.

The man knows that a plant-based diet heals. That’s because it’s whats on his plate every day. In addition to loading up on whole foods, he steers clear of sugar but leaves room for moderation. With a book called Eat Fat Get Thin (and a new cookbook by the same name), you better believe this wellness warrior also has a hearty stock of healthy fats too – and he definitely puts them to good use.

We love peeking into the real-life refrigerators of wellness pros we respect — explore the full series here. From simple rules to essential splurges, we’re excited to share our findings from Dr Hyman. Get more with Dr Hyman’s tips for a kitchen detox here.

Always in my fridge:

Avocados, frozen berries, green leafy veggies, wild fatty fish, grass-fed beef, almond milk, tons and tons of veggies.

Must-have munchies:

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m nuts for nuts and seeds. I like to create my own simple trail mix at home. You can add coconut shreds, cacao nibs, whatever you want! I also like dark chocolate, avocados, canned wild fatty fish and almond butter or coconut butter.

Fave condiments:

Tahini, Primal Kitchen Mayo and almost everything tastes better with organic extra-virgin olive oil drizzled on top.

Go-to proteins:

Wild fatty fish, pasture-raised eggs, grass-fed meats.

Best bargain:

Shop online if you can. Thrive Market has some great staples at wholesale prices.

Best label-reading tip:

Focus on the ingredient list, not the “nutrition facts” that are mostly designed and developed under huge food industry lobby efforts to confuse and confound your efforts to eat healthy.

Fave veggie + what you make with it:

This is a hard question. I love all veggies. Dark green leafy veggies are probably my favorite. I have a shake in the morning that is pretty much all greens.

Must-have pantry staples:

Olive oil, coconut oil, sea salt and tons of spices. Flavor is important, so I recommend keeping your pantry stocked with plenty of spices.

Craziest thing I buy:

I only have one rule: eat real food. Eat the food that God made and leave the food that man made. Maybe bone-broth protein powder is a little crazy.

Sweets and other indulgences:

I like to treat sugar as a recreational drug. Once in a while I’ll enjoy a Baklava or another delicious dessert with friends. I like to indulge in the company more than the dessert.

Dairy or non-dairy faves:

Skip labels that read:

Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated or any words that you do not recognize or can’t pronounce.

Favorite splurge:

I will always splurge on clean meats. Organic, grass fed is the way to go. Concentrated animal feeding operations are bad for you, for animals, for our water and for the planet.

For last-minute entertaining:

I put together a gigantic salad with ingredients from my garden.

Simple go-to recipe:

When I’m in a rush, I throw together a quick salad tossed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and add some canned wild salmon.

Best shopping tips:

Look around your market the next time you are there – you will notice that the whole, fresh foods are stocked on the outside aisles, not in the inside shelves. Stick to these aisles for the main ingredients of your meals.

Favorite places to shop:

Thrive Market, since I am usually traveling! Other than that, healthy food isn’t hard to find. You don’t have to shop in a gourmet food store, a health-food store, a farmer’s market or eat only organic to eat well. There are usually plenty of healthy foods right in the local supermarket.

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  1. Dr. Human, This is so helpful! Shopping lists only do so much. What r your feelings about the Bulletproof diet?
    Thank you. Happy New Year.

    Lori Sherman-Appel | 01.03.2017 | Reply
  2. Please update your app

  3. Since when did God make protein powder? Other than that, great article.

    Loribeth | 01.06.2017 | Reply
    • I think he was questioning the sanity of bone both powder. JMO.

  4. Great article!! thank you Dr Hyman.

    Fleruda | 01.06.2017 | Reply
  5. Do you worry about BpA in canned fish? Why not stock frozen wild salmon?

    Susan B | 01.06.2017 | Reply
  6. I bet he uses vital choice’s canned salmon and they use bpa free cans!

    Marianne | 01.06.2017 | Reply
  7. Dr. Hyman and Dr. Axe are two of my favorite doctors. I’m sold.

    Leila Calk | 01.06.2017 | Reply
  8. Love Dr Hyman, reading his books now. Doc tofu, what’s your take good or bad for protein source. Also what protein do you recommend bone broth I see you mentioned? Thanks for all the amazing guidance. I have severe Raynaud’s any advice nutritionally on that to help?
    All my best
    Amy, NY Long Island

    Amy Brzozowski | 01.07.2017 | Reply
  9. Great to see a health professional using Coconut oil. However basic coconut oil has now been superseded by a product called COCAVO. Probably the best healthy cooking oil in the world today.
    All the best from New Zealand.

    Chris | 01.07.2017 | Reply
  10. Great article. So many health professionals do not live what they suggest to their patients. I especially love the “favorite splurge”, gives non-vegetarians a little wiggle room while promoting positive meat production habits. Great read. Thank you for sharing.

    Victoria Taylor | 01.10.2017 | Reply
  11. Please share recipe for your morning green smoothie. Thank you.

    Sharon | 01.11.2017 | Reply
  12. Great article. I also would love morning green smoothie recipe. Thank you Dr.

    Anne | 01.18.2017 | Reply
  13. I’m allergic to bananas and casein in cows milk, but I would like to make smoothies, can you recommend an alternative thicker ?

    Elizabeth Lyons | 01.18.2017 | Reply
  14. avocado, thick yogurt, tofu, mascarpone cheese, ricotta cheese, any frozen berries will thicken as they blend.

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