Dr. Alkaitis DIY Berry-Whipped Mask Treatment

When it’s your father’s business to give celebrity clients amazing skin, you learn a thing or two about keeping you complexion glowing.  Or so we imagined, when we asked Trish Alkaitis, daughter of cult skin care expert Dr. Alkaitis, to share a few of her inside beauty tips.  Just as we expected, Trish dished out this gem: the ultimate beauty DIY. If you own any of Dr. Alkaitis’ masks this is the ultimate way to amp them up for ultimate spa-like luxury without leaving home.

“Our Cellular Repair Mask is amazing for the skin, but my favorite way to prepare the mask is actually done in Great Jones Spa in NYC and it’s called the ‘Berry-Whipped Facial’ anti-aging treatment.  I have to credit the spa director, Karen Terranova, who invented this mask combination! When we all tried it, we fell in love instantly. It is so luxurious, fluffy and delicious (beware, keep your animals away from your face because they will try to lick this off you!).”

DIY Berry-Whipped Mask Treatment


  • One tablespoon of Cellular Repair Mask (ingredients:  organic raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, oat buds, grapes, strawberry and bilberry!)
  • One tablespoon of raw organic honey
  • 2-3 pumps of Dr. Alkaitis Night Crème
  • 1-2 drops of Dr. Alkaitis Nourishing Treatment Oil

Blend all the ingredients well into a small bowl and apply to your face, neck and décolleté. This mask may remain on skin up to 20 minutes and should not dry out.

You can either take a shower – which will help keep the mask moist – or you can relax in the tub and tap warm water into your skin as the mask. After 20 minutes, rinse and blot your skin dry. Follow with Dr. Alkaitis Day or Night Crème (which will give your skin a beautiful sheen).


One lucky reader will win a Cellular Repair Mask from Dr. Alkaitis Organic Skin Care! Leave us your comments below and your own DIY beauty secrets and we’ll pick the best DIY as winner.  Good luck, readers!

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  1. Ooh, I’ve always wanted to try this mask. The DIY treatment I use occasionally is washing my face with a baby wash cloth and 2% omega fortified organic milk. While I won’t drink the stuff, it makes my skin impossibly soft and smooth. And, it’s cheap!

    Julie C | 06.15.2012 | Reply
  2. i love Dr. Alkaitis products! how does Karen Terranova keep the mask moist while giving facials in her spa? facial gauze?

    thank you,

    leslie | 06.15.2012 | Reply
    • Hi Leslie,
      I just wanted to let you know that in the spa they will apply a damp layer of gauze on top of the mask to keep it moist. At home you can hop in a bath or shower after you apply to allow the steam to keep the mask moist, or you can just tap warm water with your fingertips when needed. With all that being said this unique combination seems to stay moist pretty well without too much effort. Enjoy and Good Luck!

      Trish Alkaitis | 06.16.2012 | Reply
  3. Wow! Sounds so yummy. Can’t wait to try this one. His products
    are wonderful and amazing for your skin.

    Jennifer | 06.15.2012 | Reply
  4. I am a soap-and-water face wash kinda’ gal and I Thank you for introducing this innovative mask treatment! I don’t think anybody can say no to anything whipped!

    Andi | 06.15.2012 | Reply
  5. Wow I never thought of using moisturizer in masks!

    What I love to do that is simple and fast to prepare is cleanse my face with oatmeal.
    I just soak oatmeal in spring water and scrub my face with it. It smells delicious! And is calming and my face appears smoother afterwards.

    Christine Phu | 06.15.2012 | Reply
  6. This sounds deliciously awesome. The DYI masks that I do at home are a variation of Abigail O’Neil’s Chocolate Mask and the Turmeric Mask, that, for ages Indian brides wore before their wedding day to brighten the skin on their whole bodies, including the face.
    For the chocolate mask I use: 1/2 tbspn of green clay, 1/2 tbspn of raw cacao powder, 1 tbspn of raw goats milk or yogurt, 1/2 tspn of honey and a drop of tea tree or lavender oil, mix it all together and pop it in the fridge to get cold. This mask is really great for troubled skin and leaves it tight and supple.
    The Turmeric mask has been used for ages by Indian women to brighten their skin tone, but it also helps with acne. So, I mix 1 tbsp of Turmeric powder, 1/2 tbsp of gram flour and enough raw sheeps milk or yogurt to mix it all up into a paste and apply on my skin. You can also drink Golden Milk which is just Turmeric and warm milk and it has numerous health benefits. I have to say it stains your face quite a bit but this is why I save the chocolate mask for the end, After I am done with everything, there are no more stains on my face!
    Last thing is, I grow my own Aloe Vera and I have been using the meat/juice from it as my moisturizer. WOW! Makes my skin soo nice and tight! Make sure your Aloe Vera is organic though, and preferably grown by you, that way your love and energy will be in it. 🙂
    I have been doing this before bed about 2 times a week and I have really noticed a difference in my skin and my acne.
    Thanks for reading!!
    Love all around.

    Olga Sepa | 06.15.2012 | Reply
  7. This looks yummy–would love to try it! My beauty secret is prenatal vitamins and lots of water–keeps my hair and skin looking good.

    Bria | 06.15.2012 | Reply
  8. Milk baths are great for the skin. The milk’s lactic acid exfoliates as well as moisturizes the skin. Cleopatra was said to have taken milk baths too!

    Adele | 06.15.2012 | Reply
  9. My beauty secret is simply coconut oil. It moisturizes the skin and also makes a wonderful mask for the hair. It also smells deliciously tropical. Furthermore, since beauty is about the inside as well as the outside, coconut oil can also be added to so many recipes as it has numerous health benefits.

    Donna F. | 06.15.2012 | Reply
  10. What a wonderful mask! Would love to try. My DIY is an occasional pineapple sugar face scrub/rub, of course applied gently.

    Riki | 06.16.2012 | Reply
  11. My eyelids sometimes get irritated at the end of the day. With a cotton swab, I apply a little castor oil along the eyelash line. It soothes my eyes immediately. As an added bonus – my eyelashes grow longer and stronger. Never mind if some oil will get in the eyes, it does not sting.

    Leyla | 06.17.2012 | Reply
  12. My favorite beauty ‘recipe’ is olive oil and sea salt body scrub w/peppermint or lavender essential oils. It’s super simple, exfoliating, and moisturizing without adding extra chemicals to my beauty routine. It’s also a perfect way to get pretty summer feet. Baking soda and water is another great exfoliated and great bath detox.

    Darcie | 06.17.2012 | Reply
  13. His products are amazing and worth the $$ – would love to win this 🙂

    Seana | 06.18.2012 | Reply

    The Chalkboard | 06.19.2012 | Reply
  15. This is an intro to Dr. Alkaitis’s products, so am impressed that the contents are so natural and organic. One mask I’ve tried is the milk skin that forms when I make yogurt weekly. Looks pretty funny on, though leaves a lovely result after rinsing off. And I love the comment above about Golden Milk . . . turmeric is a miracle cure item to me . . . use it often, usually with cauliflower sauteed with red pepper flakes, then braised in chicken broth for 10-15 minutes covered (of course garlic), then higher heat at end to reduce broth. Delish!

    Morningstar Sun | 10.10.2012 | Reply
  16. 🙂 🙂 🙂 lovely n yummy flovoured product…

    alekhya | 11.25.2013 | Reply

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