For many of us, January was all about a fresh start, getting back to healthy habits, setting intentions for the new year and maybe even a juice cleanse! But with Valentine’s day around the corner, there’s no need to fret about feeling the need to indulge in rich and sugary sweets or feel pressure to pay an arm and a leg to show your sweethearts you care. We love these adorable stickers from Twig & Thistle to put on fruit instead of boxes of chocolate—it’s the perfect way to decorate a healthy treat and make it even more sweet! If you’re not in the crafty mood, you can pick them up at their Etsy shop, but if you’re looking forward to a craft-ernoon with your family or friends, pick up some blank sticker templates from your local paper store or stationary e-stores like this one to make your very own adorably awesome fruit stickers!

Bonus: Dr. Frank Lipman on what the numbers really mean on fruit stickers!

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