Make It By Monday: Easy Confetti Nail Art

While our Make It By Monday column usually focus on beautifying your kitchen, garden or home, today we’re turning our DIY attention to your drab digits. After all, the next two months are all about celebrating with family, friends and food and we think your fingers should dress the part. So, we’ve picked out our favorite nail art DIY from one of our favorite beauty sites, The Beauty Department. This confetti manicure would be perfect for any holiday event from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve and with just a few easy steps (don’t forget to use non-toxic nail polishes and products!) you’ll nail this pretty party look in no time at all!



    Tissue paper
    Hole puncher
    Top coat and base coat (preferably non-toxic)
    Nail polish (preferably non-toxic)
    Scissors (for trimming overlapping confetti pieces)

  • Directions:
    • Punch out tissue paper circles. Put about 5-7 pieces on top of each other to get a good solid punch.
    • Paint the base of the nails with any color you want.
    • Use a pen to pick up the pieces of confetti and lay them down on the wet nail polish. Make a couple pieces overlap and/or cut some of the pieces down so you can lay them against the cuticle as seen in the final photo.
    • Let some of the confetti pieces hang over the edge and trim them down when you’re done laying them all down.
    • Once all of the pieces are where you want them, go over the whole nail with a good top coat!
    • For more DIYs and beauty tips check out The Beauty Department!
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