Aging is an art; we can’t stop the process from happening, but we can set ourselves up to look gorgeous throughout it. This is a common conversation when it comes to our own looks (watch this video for more on that), but the concept actually applies to our homes as well.

In an age where everything seems disposable, or at least likely to wear and tear more quickly than ever before, we’re impressed with the innovative team behind LA’s Disc Interiors and their passion for creating spaces that actually look better over time than they do at the start. 

Co-founder, Krista Schrock, designs homes with materials that become more beautiful as time passes, giving these nests a naturally timeless (and truly sustainable) aesthetic. This design philosophy has landed Disc Interiors on Vanity Fair’s list of  “10 of Los Angeles Most Groundbreaking Interior Designs”, and we can’t help but agree. We’ve asked Krista to share some tips for creating a home we can grow gracefully old with. Bookmark for a future home makeover, or pick out a few accents to give your current space a beautiful boost…

This is a recent project we completed in the Silverlake Hills – the home is 1920s Spanish and the client (a young couple with a new baby) wanted to keep the space warm with minimal color and go heavy on texture. We put together a selection of our favorite materials we love that gently age with time, that grow more beautiful the more they are used and loved. This home was a full remodel – we’ve included both hard materials we like to use in building as well as decor items that are easy to work into any home. We love working with natural materials and tend to use textures to layer in spaces and less color.

13 Pieces that age well in a home

Zellige Moroccan Tiles

We love the handmade quality of the Moroccan zellige tiles. The edges are hand cut so they don’t look perfect. They also have a slight sheen to them, so they have a nice reflective quality.

Limestone Countertops

Limestone countertops age beautifully over time. The subtle texture changes make a kitchen feel like it’s always been there.

Antique Terra Cotta Floors

We love how antique terra cotta feels on your feet; the softness and color change is a nice way to make an entry way or patio feel special.

Bronze Cabinet Hardware

We tend to use finishes like bronze and un-lacquered brass in homes because of their ‘living finishes’ quality. The more they are touched and used – they gently patina over time –  the more they reveal a deeper color and texture variation. This is one of our all-time favorite ways to make a home feel lived in!

Raw Oak Dining Tables

We are big fans of white oak, especially this Hans Wegner table from Carl Hansen & Sons. The lines are so pretty and the wood has a smooth quality to it. It’s a great base for beautiful ceramic dishes!

Leather Strap Dining chairs

We love to layer different materials in a space – leather is an essential texture and a material we constantly use. It’s durable and it ages so beautifully with time.

African Gourd Baskets

The sculptural nature of African gourd baskets makes them a go-to for us for an affordable accent. Their over-scaled nature makes them an easy conversation starter.

Vintage Albini Stool

Again, another great piece to add a fun sculptural element to any room. Can be used as a foot stool or side table. The rattan ages nicely with time, changes to a rich deep golden color and is surprisingly sturdy.

Antique Pillows

Texture, texture, texture! Antique textiles are a great way to make a neutral sofa come to life. We use these pillows on beds, sofas and side chairs because they have great patterns, neutral colors and oodles of texture.

Raw-Silk Throw

We love to use textured raw-silk throws on the end of a bed. They are lightweight and easy to use in the SoCal climate.

Rose Uniacke Marble Table Lamp

Marble is an essential material that grows more beautiful over time. We like the cone shape of this lamp from one of our favorite designers, Rose Uniake.

Swing-Arm Sconce

For a sculptural wall statement, we like to use black swing-arm sconces in unexpected ways. These sconces are timeless and will be one of those things you will hold on to forever. Our favorites are the Mantis sconce from Bernard Schottlander and the rotating two-arm sconce from Serge Mouille.

Antique Rugs

We favor antique rugs and vintage kilims to instantly make a room feel warm and lived in.

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