Thirty million women fall between the age of thirty and forty-five. Cameron Diaz thinks that most of them are ready for a new perspective on aging and we’re pretty sure she’s right. The conversation on aging is long overdue for a reboot, and if anyone knows it it’s a woman smack in the center of Hollywood like Cameron Diaz.

Watch Cameron talk about the exhausting efforts of “anti-aging”, what we should be celebrating about growing older, and what she thinks women are ready for when it comes to the big screen…

We can’t stop aging, but Cameron has discovered that there are ways we can do it well. In this interview with LA Review of Books discussing The Longevity Book, Cameron talks about our deep-rooted cultural assumptions around aging and the science behind growing older. She also shares insights from her own life about how aging affects women and why Hollywood would be wise to create more roles for women in their 40s.

What are your thoughts on this call to arms of sorts that Cameron has proposed? How will you help change the conversation around aging?

For more ways to live well inspired by Cameron, explore the inspo and resources on her site, Our Body Book

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  1. I LOVED watching this! The message I take away from it is that ageing is inevitable and as such I’d rather embrace it than spend energy trying to fight it. To me Cameron has such a positive outlook on it and she is a very strong role model for women. She is confident and comfortable in her skin and has made the life choices she wanted and will not be made feel bad about them. A true inspiration.

    Inma x

  2. Fantastic video! Will definitely be picking up a copy of her book.


    Lindsay | 06.10.2016 | Reply
  3. Awesome Cameron. The collective conscious is real and we all have impact on how we as women perceive ageing. I think the transition from hiding in cosmetic surgery to being ourselves in new and like you said empowered ways that have more potentially substantive offerings to society is right on. I heard someone say once that ageing is a spiritual practice and the more wrinkles show on our faces allows more light to shine through those “cracks”. So true. I absolutely LOVE that you are part of Hollywood and are changing the thought forms that float there because you all have an unimaginably enormous impact on how women around the world view themselves. What a great voice Cameron…I hope there are more like you that make these transition movies in main stream. Right on.

    • I wanted to amend something I wrote in my comment. I did not mean to imply the harsh sentiment of women’s choice to have plastic surgery…I completely respect each woman’s choice for herself. I just am really excited to hear ways that women can view ageing with an embrace.

  4. Love this girl she’s the type of person I’d love as a best friend, I think part of her looking so good is her happy spirit and positivity. I’m sure she’s partied and eaten ALL the bad food just like all of us.

    I’ve found as a Naturopath doing a couple of water fast for 8-10 days per years, takes years off your looks. The practice of water fasting takes all the rubbish out of the cells and they become new and you sparkle through your skin! 🙂


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