Detox Diares: 8 Days of Pressed Juicery Cleanse 1

Alexandra of Los Angeles adds yet another page to our Detox Diaries! Often Pressed Juicery cleansers stack up a 5-Day Cleanse and a 3-Day Cleanse for a detox-erific experience. We don’t recommend it for first-time detoxers, but if you’re an experienced cleanser or are trying to attain that clean state of mind and body those familiar with detox therapies are familiar with, 8 days can be a great way to go.

  • Alexandra W. of Los Angeles
    Pressed Juicery Cleanse 1: 8 days

  • Why are you cleansing:

    I want to reset my mind body and spirit.  I’m looking to start a new and healthier lifestyle.

  • Detox Day 1:

    High Point:  I feel lighter and clearer.

    Low Point:  I am mentally starving and have a slight headache.

  • Mid Detox Day:

    High Point:  I have sooooo much energy!  I feel very calm and have a clear head.

    Low Point: My skin is breaking out, but I know that is the toxins pushing out of my body.

  • Last Detox Day:

    High Point:  I feel like a whole new person!  I have an entirely different temperament.  Stress doesn’t phase me at this point.

    Low Point:  I’m craving roasted squash and avocado so BAD!  Would you say that’s even a low point?

  • Results:

    I’m proud of myself; I can’t believe I cleansed for 8 days!  My body, mind, and soul needed it and I am on a much better path to health!

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