Pia Baroncini

Pia Baroncini lives at the intersection of effortless cool and studied chic. Sure, she’s the creative director and designer of the culty namesake label LPA but her boss babe factor doesn’t stop there. There’s also Pia’s Pod where we go for insider (hilarious) talks with her creative comrades in fashion, wellness and more. And then, there is her life on the gram — a slice of her beautifully unfiltered world.

We once came for the fashion, but now we stay for the clean skincare content, nutrition tips and green living inspo. While other media-savvy entrepreneurs cultivate heavily curated online personas, Pia charmingly unravels hers. She’s the cheerleader for modern lifestyle realness—a skincare and wellness junkie who isn’t afraid to share adult acne flare-ups and indulgent pasta recipes.

Join us for an even deeper peek into Pia’s world, we know you’ll dig it as much as we do…

I am : Pia Baroncini.

What I do: Creative Director LPA, host of Pia’s Pod, CMO of Ghiaia Cashmere.

I Wake Up At: 7 am.

Daily Breakfast: Right now I’m on the clean program, so I’ll have a yerba mate or matcha with some adaptogens and then around 11 am I’ll have a smoothie. Please note: I hate smoothies.

My Daily Supplements: So right now, duh, clean program supplements, but my usual is Thorne prenatal, Super Hair and Super You from Moon Juice, Nordic Naturals prenatal DHA fish oil and Thorne methyl-guard plus.

My Food Philosophy In One Sentence: Your plate should either be full of delicious clean nutrient-rich ingredients (I like to look at my plate and make sure everything has a health benefit), OR be something that is just filling your belly with joy (pasta).

Healthy Dish I Rely On Lately: Brown rice, black beans, salmon, spinach, cilantro, parsley, green onion, lemon and olive oil.

Can’t Live Without My: Husband, mom and dog.

Pia Baroncini

Workout I Love: Hot 8 yoga.

At Least Once A Month I Indulge In: Pasta or pizza.

Ingredient In Food Products I Always Avoid: Sugar.

Ingredient In Skincare Products I Always Avoid: I have non-toxic skincare so I don’t have to worry about that!

Go-To Health Or Skin Resources: Honestly, Amanda Bacon.

Crazy Health Idea That Actually Works: Oh man, I have no clue.

Always In My Medicine Cabinet: Miceller water, Zitsticka, probiotics, gauze pads, ZIIP.

Non-Negotiable: Tequila.Pia Baroncini

Current Mantra To Stay Balanced: If I’m not going to care about it in a week, I don’t care about it at all.

Health Passion Right Now: Balancing my hormones.

Skin Passion Right Now: Even skin tone—staying snatched.

My Go-To Juice Or Smoothie: I die for a giant green juice with cucumber, celery, lots of lemon or lime, a lil ginger and kale or something else dark green.

My Uniform This Season: LPA sweats, Ghaia sweater and an LPA puffy coat.

Natural Beauty Tip: Just drink water.

Always In My Day Bag: KOSAS baseline chapstick and RMS nude liner.

Health Habit That Changed My Life: Eat like you want to life a disease-free life.

The Hardest Truth About Owning A Business: It’s a nightmare. If you’re not a social butterfly or don’t have a trust fund, finding funding is insane.

The Loveliest Truth About Owning A Business: When you see a human out in the wild with your product.

Advice You Would Have Given Yourself At The Beginning Of Your Career: Don’t get tattoos.

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