sarah kersten Set of Nesting Covered Bowls

I’ve pinned more monochromatic kitchens and bedrooms than is probably right. Beige may be synonymous with ‘boring’ to some, but I love a natural, streamlined look in the kitchen with all shades of beige, white, tan and straw. Neutral pieces, like the ones below, allow me to focus on the beautiful shapes and textures. They also allow beautiful, fresh ingredients to shine.

Getting a cohesive look at home can require a little discipline while shopping. In store, there may be a rainbow of color options available and buying that beige version might be a little boring. But once the piece finds it’s home among a collection of other natural shades, the effect is worth it.

Here are seven gorgeous items I’m loving now for the kitchen — as functional as they are chic…

sarah kersten Set of Nesting Covered Bowls

Sarah Kersten Set of Nesting Covered Bowls | Ceramicist Sarah Kersten’s covered bowls make for some of the best low-key luxe food storage we can find. There’s something about the heavy matching lid that makes storing leftovers or building a salad for later incredibly satisfying. See them in the wild inside this inspiring fridge! 

yield designCeramic French Press in Cream

Yield Design Ceramic French Press | If you’re a hard-core Chalkboard reader, chances are you’ve seen this little French press on our pages before — you probably even own it. Yield makes this gorgeous coffee maker in terra cotta, concrete and this white ceramic shade. All three are absolutely stunning for the daily coffee drinker who’s also obsessed with modern, natural design.


Food 52 Porter Gold Salad Servers | We’d normally buy, but sock away these serving utensils for a special dinner or the holidays, but, as we’re spending so much time at home, we say it’s time to break out a few beautiful accessories to make things as enjoyable as possible. The flash of metallic looks great with all our ceramics and the design-forward shape is surprisingly functional. 

arcan ardor creations Indigo Shinori Napkin

Arcane Ardor Creations Indigo Shibori Napkin| Is tie-dye a neutral? The furthest from it, though you could make an argument as some do about leopard print. Soft details like these napkins are the perfect place to interrupt all that monochrome as they can appear and disappear from day to day. Want to try your hand at tie dye while home? Here are all our tutorials! 

our place everyday pan

Our Place Always Pan| We’re turned so many friends and readers on to Our Place. The dishes and glassware are beautiful, but their claim to fame is the Always Pan. We’re smitten with the terra cotta shade, the peg to hold a wooden spoon and the custom fit steamer basket inside.

Stoneware Reactive Shallow Serve Bowl Blue - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Stoneware Reactive Serve Bowl | This little treasure comes from a somewhat unexpected source: Target. At just $25 it makes a homey, but modern addition to any countertop or dinner table. Use it put that farmer’s market haul on beautiful display.

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