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    Last week, on International Women’s Day we gathered with Visionary Women, an organization of (who else?) women devoted to “harnessing the power of leadership and community to embolden women to achieve their full potential”.

    The power-packed bunch, including Beverly Hills mayor, Lili Bosse and top MGM exec, Shelley Reid (both of whom are board members), celebrated the first ever ‘Visionary Woman Award’, presented to Hollywood icon, Demi Moore for her work with Thorn.

    Thorn, co-founded by Moore, works to develop and apply technology to intervene in the online sex trafficking of children. We were amazed to learn how Thorn’s cutting edge tools and programs have become resources for law enforcement and include interventions that have led to the arrest of over 6,000 predators.

    In a year where so much is being done to bring to light abuses of power and the sexual exploitation of women, the unthinkable abuses of these young women (and men) stand out as an issue more crucial than ever. It’s our hope and belief that, as our culture addresses the issues of sexual abuse and misconduct more honestly and aggressively – from Hollywood on down, we can do more to care for and protect victims of all kinds.

    Poet Gina Loring shared this powerful piece during last week’s ceremony for Demi Moore and we asked her permission to share it here with you…

    Walking Prayers
    We are walking prayers
    angels leave love letters in our palms
    our hands speak scripture
    we are life givers, meant for sacred work
    we build bodies in our bodies
    babies born of our day dreams
    who will one day tell our stories
    we tend to them in backseats and bathroom stalls
    lullabies and love hymns
    we pray over them
    may they be safe, may they be strong
    may they be safe, may they be strong
    this is our song: our mother, sister, daughter, woman warrior song
    we wear wounded hearts like badges of courage
    carrying the weight of the world on each shoulder
    collecting lessons in battle scars
    we are peace treaties
    our hips the framework for families
    the foundation where God’s magic takes tangible form
    future generations depend on the resilience of our bodies
    and what will we tell them
    when boys-only tree houses
    grow up to be boys-only governments
    boys, boys who have forgotten their first home was their mother’s womb
    took their first breath in the embrace of her arms
    we must remind them
    from our breast you were fed
    we are shelter
    we are vessel
    our wombs are holy ground
    so violating a woman
    is a violation against God
    a sin against yourself, karmic suicide
    we are sacred geometry
    divine pyramids and astrology
    not to be thrown away like pearls to swine
    meant to be honored not objectified
    we were not always swayed by billboards

    beckoning from boulevard rooftops
    photoshopped glam shots
    night clubs and hot spots
    skylines laced with man made messages morphing
    our self-images into warped anorexic fantasies
    a gender-biased consumer agenda
    has us grooming for days
    eyebrows threaded, make-up applied, hair done
    legs shaved, bikini waxed
    push-up bra, high heels in tact
    and we will never get those hours back
    our reflection is not in red carpet mainstream movie stars
    it is in the night sky, the moon’s soft mirror glow somewhere just past mars
    women are the heartbeat of the world
    we are regal, we are legacy:
    Mary brought Jesus through
    Jachabed brought Moses through
    Aminah brought Muhammad through
    Isis brought Horus through
    Harriet Tubman brought hundreds through
    we are warriors
    our love is infinite
    our voices are made of light
    our hearts are harbor
    our song, far and long
    we are every continent
    every smoke signal and psalm
    every prayer, every element, day and night,
    we are earth. air. water. sunlight
    let us celebrate ourselves, be our own heroes
    rewrite the fairytale so Sleeping Beauty wakes her own damn self up
    slays the dragon, looks at herself in the mirror and says
    Princess. I found you.

    —gina loring

    From our friends


    1. What a beautiful poem of the true divine Feminine! We are the bearers of beings, we tend to the spark that is ignited at conception and nurture that brilliant being in our womb, our heart and souls and every being from that first spark of energy has the right to forth and to be embraced with love and light!

      Christy | 03.16.2018 | Reply

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