Waking up on Patina Farm in Ojai, California sounds like a dream. Designing power couple Brooke and Steve Giannetti recently released their third book, Patina Living, which relays the experience in details, touring us through their stunning home in Ojai and the idyllic lifestyle they lead there amongst baby animals, blooming flowers and endless fresh produce.

patina farm landscape with animals

The Giannetti’s rustic and modern European farmhouse oozes with charm. The husband and wife behind Giannetti Home, a full-service design firm and a shop in Los Angeles, had a dream of living a simpler life driven by their passions and have made it happen in the most beautiful way.patina farm ojai


From morning qigong in their lush garden to collecting daily kisses from their baby goats, life on Patina Farm seems like a charming experience we knew we had to take a peek inside…

Our mornings begin with:

Qigong followed by chicken, duck and sheep feeding.

Our style (in three words):

Refined, relaxed luxury.

The easiest thing we raise:


The hardest part of our day:

Leaving Patina farm.

The most magical part of the day:

Watching the sun rise as it changes colors, from pink to blue.

Lunch is usually:

From the vegetable garden and chicken coop.

Most recent inspiration:

Our trip to the Cotswolds in England and seeing all of the amazing gardens.

A day never goes by without:

Kissing a goat!

When the sun sets, the day ends by:

Thanking the animals for what they taught us during the day.

Favorite Ojai haunts:

Food Harmonics, Ojai Pilates, Bart’s Books, Sunday Farmers Market

The most unusual farm happening is:

How all the animals are connected to each other, how they interact and relate.

The most fun on the farm is:

Watching the antics of the baby goats — they are like naughty little kids.

We feel most rewarded by:

The love our animals give us in return for caring for them.

The crop we will always grow in the garden:

Mint — it’s great in salads, tea and floral arrangements.

What most people don't realize about life on the farm:

Veterinarians and sheep shearers are just a few of all the caregivers we rely on.

Our most recent eco-efforts include:

Trying Tesla batteries.

Best shopping tip:

If you can’t grow it, support your local farmers market.

My most loved farm-to-table recipe is:

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  1. I watch you videos every morning since I discovered you. What a blessing and beautiful way to start the day. All you animals look so loved and cared for and you home is absolutely a haven!!!!

    Paula Richards | 05.01.2020 | Reply

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