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Most of our readers will recognize Dave Asprey as the founder of Bulletproof, the brand that first introduced the wellness masses to buttered coffee (here’s our first story on in 2013) and put “biohacking” on the map.

Once a thoughtleader like Asprey reaches critical mass they tend to be polarizing — becoming as controversial as they are admired. To Dave’s credit, part of his appeal is that he addresses a wide array of perspectives on wellness with a good dose of fairness and humor.

These days, Dave is taking that thought leadership to the next level with Upgrade Labs and one of the most cutting edge pods out there, the Human Upgrade Podcast.

One of the reasons that Dave has become such a key figure in wellness today is because he pairs an Elon-like adventuresomeness with a dorky passion for accurate science. That’s why we wanted to talk with him at the head of 2022.

When it comes to trends, so much is happening in wellness now — much of it in the technology sector. You can find some of that tech at Upgrade Labs where lucky biohackers can try modalities that are hard to find any place else (for now). Think cryo, ozone therapy, PEMF and more.

Here’s our chat with Asprey and where he thinks wellness is headed next in 2022…

Name: Dave Asprey

Latest ventures: The Human Upgrade Podcast, Upgrade Labs

My true wellness passion in a nutshell: Hacking longevity. I plan to live to 180 (no, that’s not a joke). Between rapidly advancing stem cell technology, new research on the root causes of aging, and badass new biohacking devices, aging is more in your control than it has ever been.

You’re been in the space for a long time. What’s your take on trends as a whole? It all depends on what trends you follow.

Low-carb, high-fat diets started as a trend. It turns out they actually work really well if you want to get in shape and perform better. Now they’re here to stay, and that’s a good thing.

On the other hand, the Shake Weight was also a trend.

My advice is to do your own research before jumping on the latest trend. If you aren’t sure how to do that (or you’re too busy), follow someone you trust to tell you which trends are worth doing and which ones are nonsense.

3-5 most important innovations to pay attention to in 2022:

EMF blockers Researchers are finally starting to understand that EMFs are screwing with your biology and that you have to block them if you want to perform at your best.

Epigenetic methylation A super-accurate blood test that measures how fast you’re aging.

Peptides Powerful muscle-building and fat-burning compounds that increase your growth hormone and testosterone levels. Just don’t use them if you’re a competitive athlete. A lot of them are banned because of the unfair advantage they give.

Stem cell therapy My wife and I have both used stem cell therapy to get rid of old, lingering injuries. It gets better every year and it has an extraordinary ability to restore function and make you more resilient.

you also have a Somavedic at home. Where does the issue of EMF mediation come in here? It’s still a new topic to so many people… For a long time, people viewed EMFs as a tinfoil hat-type conspiracy for alternative health nuts.

somavedic at home

But as new research comes out, it’s clearer and clearer that that’s not the case. Scientists are finally starting to understand that EMFs change cellular signaling in a measurable way. EMFs make you weak and you’ll feel better if you block or mediate them.

The good news is that blocking EMFs isn’t too difficult these days. Here’s an easy place to start: put a Somavedic by your bed and office, turn off your WiFi router at night, and keep your cell phone in your bag instead of in your pocket, right next to your junk.

our Wellness needs change with the times. What other issues are you addressing now that weren’t a thing years ago? Neurofeedback is a big one. You can make gains in your brain function, emotional processing, and other aspects of cognition, and it works so quickly that it would be quite literally unbelievable a decade ago.

My go-to is 40 Years of Zen, which got its name because when you look at the changes in your brain scans before and after a week of neuro-feedback, it’s like you packed 40 years of Zen meditation into a few days. In brain scans, your brain function looks like that of a lifelong Zen monk’s. That’s pretty cool.

When it comes to wellness in a strange year like this one, what is key for individuals to consider? Turn off the news! Whether it’s Fox or CNN, mainstream media is increasingly biased and reports selectively. Every time you watch or read it, you actively invite fear and misinformation (or incomplete information) into your daily routine.

Instead, focus on your actual life. Pursue meaningful goals. Find ways to take better care of yourself. Be good to those you love. You’ll be happier and healthier for it.

There’s been a historic migration from big cities to more remote parts of the country — an impulse for many to become more self-sufficient. What is your take on that from a wellness perspective? I think becoming more self-sufficient is a great idea. If that lifestyle appeals to you, go for it. You’ll be out in nature, away from smog and EMFs, and you can grow, raise, or hunt much better food than you’ll get at your local grocery store.

The good news is that in our modern digital age, you can live a self-sufficient life in a remote part of the country and still have access to all kinds of technology, culture, and modern conveniences.

I live way out in the country. I have a working pig farm and a garden where I grow a lot of the vegetables my family eats. I also have a room full of cutting-edge biohacking technology and can run my companies from a computer. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best of both worlds.

Who else is inspiring you when it comes to wellness lately? I’m fortunate to host a podcast, The Human Upgrade, in which I talk to elite people in a variety of fields, from biochemists inventing new performance-enhancing compounds to business leaders changing the world to meditation masters discovering inner peace. The podcast is all about giving you actionable takeaways that will help you perform like a superhuman.

Some of my favorite recent guests have been:

Danica Patrick, one of the most successful race car drivers of all time

Sadhguru, a world-renowned yogi and mystic

Jamie Wheal, a neuroanthropologist who talks about the neuroscience of good sex

Learn more about Dave’s top pick for 2022 and shop the Somavedic for 10% off this season with code ZENHOME The most affordable Somavedic is the Harmony, but take a look at all the models some of which have specialized functions. 

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