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    Superfood Spotlight: Dandelion Greens And Roots
    • Superfood spotlight on:

      Dandelion Greens and Root

    • Why we love it:

      You may have thought that dandelions were put on this earth only to aggravate lawn-mowing neighbors and would-be gardeners. But did you know that dandelions have many nutritional benefits? These greens are quickly becoming a popular addition to healthy diets everywhere. Dandelion root has long been used in health-balancing teas and the giant, tangley leaves are a great addition to salads and green juice.

    • All the health benefits:

      Dandelions are detoxifying for the liver and have a diuretic effect on the body. If you're making green juice with the intent to detox these leaves make a great addition. Dandelion leaves and roots both stimulate digestion. Providing healthy support to the gall bladder, adding dandelion to your diet means better digestion and better assimilation of nutrients . Just one cup of dandelion greens have 10% of your daily calcium intake and are high in iron and antioxidants as well, they can even help to regulate healthy blood sugar levels.

    • What it looks like:

    • Coming to a plate near you:

      There are so many easy ways to incorporate dandelion into your diet:

      - Try mixing dandelion greens into your next salad. With a slightly bitter flavor, dandelion salads can benefit quite a bit from the addition of sweeter, healthy fats like avocado or olive oil.

      - Use dandelion root tea. We love the tea from Traditional Medicinals. Soothing to digestion and perfect for boosting your next juice cleanse.

      - Add to green smoothies. Mix dandelion leaves right in with the kale next time you make green juice or smoothies. Just remember to include a little pear or apple to balance out the extra-green flavor.

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